Four Traditional Reiki Symbols and Their Meanings

Four Traditional Reiki Symbols and Their Meanings

Reiki is a Japanese technique originated by a Buddhist monk where vital energy is used - called “ki” by the Japanese - to treat various ailments, whether physical, psychological or emotional. In Reiki, vital energy is channeled by the therapist and is transmitted through the palm of your hands. The therapist also uses symbols to channel specific energies according to the problem of the person he is treating. See below the meaning of the four traditional symbols:

Cho Ku Rei

It means “put all the power of the universe here”. This symbol is linked to the primordial energy of the universe and therefore it channels a lot of strength and momentum. It can be used for protection, purification or to place or reinforce an energy. It gives vitality when we feel that we need extra strength to move forward and overcome obstacles and health problems.

Sei He Ki

This symbol means “man and God become one”, or in other interpretations “key to the universe”. It has the power to work with emotions, harmonizing those that are unbalanced and transmuting harmful feelings into beneficial ones. So it is linked to purification and cleansing, but taking into account the emotional side of the person. Some people associate it with the water element and the moon.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

It means “neither past, nor present, nor future”, but it is also associated with the meaning of the Indian “namaste” - “the God who is in me salutes the God who is in you”. It works on the mental plane and can be used for distance healing. As the mental plane is beyond time and space, it is a symbol that is linked to the concept of overcoming the traumas and difficulties of the past so that you no longer have the need for reincarnation.

Dai Ko Myo

It is known as the one that symbolizes the phrase “God shine on me and be my friend” and is linked to fulfillment. It is a symbol linked to the spiritual world and the truths of each person. It is taught to Reiki students at a more advanced level, as it has a great power and can amplify the energy of the other symbols.

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