Dream of Rain and Thunderstorms - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Dream of Rain and Thunderstorms - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

The rain can arouse many feelings: tranquility to see the drops dripping on the window, fear when a storm falls, happiness to imagine a cinematic kiss, freedom in a rain shower, peace with the rainbow after the storm. But what about dreaming about rain, what can it mean?

Dreaming of rain falling serene:

Indicates peace, a moment of tranquility and renewal. Be careful not to stay in the comfort zone.

Dreaming of storm:

Means there are problems in sight, turbulence of emotions. Take time to reflect and understand everything that is happening.

Dreaming of rain on the grass:

Reveals a moment of growth, purification and maturation. Enjoy the blessings.

Dreaming of rain on a very cloudy day:

Indicates sadness, doubts. Get in touch with yourself and find out what bothers you.

Dreaming of warm showery:

Indicates that your dreams have everything to realize, just enjoy each moment.

Dreaming of cold rain:

Reveals that you have the ability to achieve what you want, but it will take a little more patience. Enjoy the journey.

Dreaming of showery and then sun:

Indicates the solution to your problems. Keep calm because you are on the right track.

Dreaming of rain of fire:

Means over judgment. Reassess your reality.

Dreaming of showery and strong winds:

Manifests irritation or anger being released. It may even mean that you are experiencing some turmoil in your life. Keep calm and adjust your sails.

Dreaming of thunderstorms:

Reveals that something in your life is calling for attention. Listen your heart.

Lightning Dreams:

Something is becoming clear in your mind; Some idea, feeling, or project is about to unfold. Pay attention to the signs.

Dreaming of a rain shower:

It can mean either that you are allowing yourself to live and express yourself openly or that you are having difficulty finding shelter or stability in your life.

Dreaming of an umbrella:

It reveals that you have the resources to cope with something that is happening, or it may indicate that your emotions are under control. If your umbrella is closed, it means you may not be using the resources at your disposal.

Dreaming of rainbows after the rain:

Indicates hope, end of dark times. Go find your pot of gold.

This is just a guide to what rain can mean. First of all, to interpret a dream, it is important to consider what you are going through at the moment and what the rain means to you. After all, a person who has had a thunderstorm trauma in the past will come to a different conclusion than one who sees in the rain as a reason for a good night’s sleep. Rate your moment and tell us: What did your rainy dream mean to you?

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