The Meaning of Birthday

The Meaning of Birthday

A whole year goes by, and when you realize it, you’re getting older. The most common and expected to be done is to celebrate with friends and family. If the past year was a good one, it celebrates all the achievements; if the year was bad, celebrate for the next year in your life that is just beginning. Whether you like birthdays or not, they symbolize something that can bring wisdom behind, and astrology explains what that event is.

When we study the birth chart , we find that it has twelve houses, each of which represents an area of ​​life. The placement of all planets and houses is determined at the time of your birth. What happens each month after birth is that you are, in a way, experiencing the energies of each house on your birth chart. When you complete a year of life, it is as if you are “going back” to the energies of the first house of the zodiac and beginning to experience the energies of the houses in their order again.

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In other words, on your birthday, you are returning to experience more intensely the energies of house 1 on your map. The first house on the birth chart is the house of the “I”, of the initiatives and the impulse you put in the energies for yourself. This means that when your birthday arrives, it is the ideal time for you to think about yourself and what you want to change in another year of your life. And the energies are favorable for that.

The first month after your birthday will give you an “energy boost” so that you can take the necessary steps to change what is needed for the better. And when it comes to changes, at your birthday it’s time to think about the changes for you. This is not the time to think about saving the world or thinking about what might be cool for the family or others. At this point, what you need to be clear about is what is good for you. For, only by doing good for yourself first, will you be able to change the world around you and be able to help others as well.

So, if you had a birthday, congratulations! And start taking action today to make your life better and you become the person you always dreamed of being. The energies are propitious for this. Now is the time!