The Influence Of Jupiter's Entry In Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The Influence Of Jupiter's Entry In Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The planet Jupiter will enter Scorpio on October 10 and will remain there until November 7. An exceptional ticket that will favour Scorpios, Cancerians, Pisces, Virgos and Capricorns, as they will receive the encouraging growth of this consciousness that exalts us through growth.

To remember

Libra spend their time on Jupiter, which had grown and opportunities despite the tensions they experienced with Uranus and Pluto. Challenges that brought growth for the entry of BEING, that is, being faithful to its essence and nothing more.

Every planet has specific needs for improvement and experiences in its transit, which is a gift to us in human conditions, absorbing its knowledge at each stage. In the case of the presence of Jupiter in Scorpio, the wisdom will be in making necessary detachments so that we can continue to be revitalized.


The changes will be balms for our internal learning and improvement since cycles and changes are part of life.


Think strategically about how to invest and make better use of financial reserve possibilities.


Research-oriented studies will benefit, especially those linked to sacred science, initiation studies and any research aimed at new healing possibilities, especially for terminal illnesses.

Beliefs about death

Religions with a greater understanding of life after death, reincarnation system and vibrations of spiritual healing.

Special tip for Scorpios

Dear Scorpio, or for those who ascend in Scorpio, it is essential in this transit to be awake to broaden your view on life, faith and beliefs. It is a significant way of opening the mind to new religious and philosophical paths and access to new cultures and knowledge. So, allow yourself: to start new studies, new readings, improve new languages, travel abroad, eat different foods, talk to people who are not part of your nucleus of friendships and socializing. How good it is to be able to experience and experience different things. This way, you will upgrade your HD!

What is the purpose of Jupiter?

Its purpose is to bring WISDOM to every one in humanity. We can only really be wise through experience. Therefore, it offers us new beliefs and new possibilities to achieve knowledge that broadens our vision. There are three significant experiences: admission to college or philosophical studies, admission to religion and contact with foreigners and another culture.

Wisdom is essential

If you stop to evaluate, for everything in life, we need wisdom. Wisdom asks us to understand and understand what we are and what we can achieve. So, understand that you will constantly change, which is very good and natural, as it is part of a process. Reformulate beliefs and know that they often bring stagnation to our evolution.

How each sign will receive the experience


It is a beautiful time to invest and make significant changes. This broadens your view of life about death and possible losses. It is a transit that favours resolutions of inventory, sharing, retirement and pensions. If he is married or has partners, it is a beautiful time for financial gains for him/her.


It is a beautiful time for the relationship. If in a relationship, the spouse goes through a phase of growth and expansion. If you are alone, you will have the opportunity to meet a particular person who can enter your life in style. Beware of exaggerations that can make exchange difficult.


It is an excellent time for work. If you are looking for opportunities to take more extraordinary leaps in your professional performance, this is an excellent period. If you are unemployed, it is a phase that will open up excellent opportunities. It is important to act wisely to assess the routine and take advantage of the various opportunities.


It is a beautiful time for leisure and entertainment. There are openings for dating and romance. He is more daring and seeks to live the experiences through self-esteem and recognition. Talents are built up. If you have children, it is a growth phase for them, and if, in your case, you want to have children, it is a favourable phase.


It is a beautiful family time. There is the promise of growth in the family with the arrival of a new relative or baby. Domestic matters are highlighted to promote growth and opportunities in family relationships. Property issues are also activated, which helps to expand the house, acquire a property or change property.


It is an excellent stage for the knowledge and absorption of information that promotes growth in your life. The contact with relatives is expanded and favours exchange and coexistence. Contacts with close people are also expanded, which activates trips, meetings, studies, communication and travel. It is a phrase that you will feel more spontaneous to express what you think.


It is an excellent stage for financial gains and professional opportunities with excellent results. Be open and aware that this year there will be open doors to obtain significant financial results. It is crucial to be prepared for the opportunities that will come to no waste of opportunities. Attention with waste and financial negligence or exaggeration for investments.


It is an excellent growth phase for you. Be open to experiences that give you access to other cultures, trips abroad, admission to college or a religious path that builds your faith. Research and depth should be the beacon to broaden your view of life in a more philosophical way. Wisdom is the goal of this transit. Therefore, it will attract experiences from which wisdom will be tested. Exaggerations and negligence can make it difficult to reach a broader view.


It is an excellent stage for emotional understanding and the spiritual path. In this phase, there is a significant but internalized growth for the field of emotions and feelings. Thus, few people will see its growth. There is a propensity to enter a spiritual path and even a spiritual awakening. A more intuitive and sensitive channel absorbs access to culture and faith. There is a promise of an excellent path for therapies and cures.


It is an excellent stage for interacting with friends and participating in group activities. It is a phase to make friends and launch yourself into activities that expand a more fraternal and humanitarian vision. For this, projects and ideas in the interaction with the collective are expanded, people who think like you or a philosophical discovery of what they like and believe. There is a promise of participation by groups that activate their faith and establish more liberating beliefs.


It is an excellent phase for the professional and for achieving more significant results for the objectives. Indeed, it will go through a phase that expands its absorption of religious and philosophical experiences. Contact with foreigners or another culture promotes a new approach to beliefs. It is essential to pay special attention to the beliefs already established and obtain more solid results when structuring new beliefs. There is a promise of professional growth.


It is an excellent time to follow a philosophical line, beliefs, religion and faith. This phase will provide you with a broader view of life, which can activate admission to college and a trip abroad or distant cities. An exchange would be an ideal experience for this transit, which favours access to culture and knowledge. It is a phase that will be open and spontaneous in the face of some experiences that will come, and all of this will be fundamental to develop your identity.

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