Video Games You Should Play Based On Your Astrology Zodiac Sign

Video Games You Should Play Based On Your Astrology Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac has a lot of influence in the lives of all people, even those who do not believe much in this type of thing; this is because it gives us unique characteristics that make us identify with different types of personalities.

For this reason, it is common for each sign to have very specific interests. Even within a group there can be a distinction between what a person prefers and does not prefer.

Take gamers as an example. Their universe is extremely complete, full of different games, which have unique goals and are aimed at different audiences. Although they come together for the love of games, they don’t necessarily like the same styles. 

So let’s try to understand a little bit about how each sign influences the taste of games. We will also indicate some, all based on the astrological universe!


We know how difficult it can be for Aryans to control anger and strong personality. It seems that, at any moment, they will explode and fight with someone. Fighting games, then, like Mortal Kombat or even those of MMA may be the best ones; that’s because they help you de-stress a little and relieve that feeling of anger and stress.


For the Taurean, there is nothing better than choosing a game and being able to spend hours on it without stress, just enjoying all the phases they offer, instead of having to stress yourself with unpredictable moments. That’s why they prefer those more classic games, like Super Mario or even Sonic, because they already know what to expect and are prepared for what comes.


For Geminis, what most captivates them in a game is the storyline and their ability to tell an interesting and compelling story. That is why they are not satisfied with those games that are only “crap”. They want to be fully involved while they are playing. So The Walking Dead and other investigative games, for example, are great requests for them.


Creating a completely new online life is what draws the Cancerian’s attention when he is looking for a new game. They like to immerse themselves in a new universe and make choices without its real consequences. In addition, those where it is possible to gather a group to have fun in a group are also interesting. For them, then, games like Minecraft are the best options.


Ah, everyone knows how much the lion likes to draw attention and be the star of everything he does, don’t they? The gamer of this sign is also like that. That’s why they love those animated games in which they can show their full potential in real life. Just Dance is a great example that will surely please you!


Because they are quite perfectionists, Virgos always notice some details that, for more inattentive eyes, go unnoticed. Games that use this feature in a positive way and still combine all this with excellent logical reasoning, so they always fall for your grace. So don’t be surprised if you notice that a Virgo friend is addicted to Candy Crush, because this is exactly the type of game they love!


Librans are very intelligent people, but they like to please everyone. This constant display of genius can be quite irritating. That’s why he sees games as the perfect chance to do that, so they love investigative games. Games like Criminal Case can always be found close to them, along with others that may even have gone out of style, but that will always please them!


Competitive, Scorpios love games that challenge them to do their best. In addition, they also love those who have a touch of terror and challenges that, at first glance, seem impossible. The Witcher, then, becomes an excellent option for this sign, since it combines all these elements with an excellent script and a very captivating story, which leaves you glazed in front of the computer.


You know that game that has a completely unique and even quite crazy storyline? That’s the main thing about Sagittarians! They love to be totally involved in these totally different universes, but for that to be possible, the story must also be good! That is why games like Batman - Arkham Knight or those with a war theme are excellent options.


Many people hate those games that demand a lot of their intellect, after all this leisure time is designed to relax. Capricorns, however, love this type of game and have a lot of fun with it, even when they can’t pass the level so easily ... In fact, it makes everything even more interesting! Unpredictable games, like The Legend of Zelda, can be great options, along with those in which each game is always different, like the ones in the FIFA series.


Aquarians love games that, while being smart and very well built, take place in strange and unreal environments. That’s why God of War can be a great option for them! With an incredible storyline, it is necessary to create strategies to make it through the stage; this, however, does not take away all the magic of “living” a universe completely different from ours.


Simpler games are ideal for Pisceans. That’s because, when they get too involved with the most complicated ones, they end up fighting with their partners. So individual games, which require full involvement, are the best options. FarmVille, for example, can always be found on the cell phone of people ruled by this sign ... And it is very likely that they will even set that alarm so they can complete tasks and receive prizes without any delay!

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