The Funk Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Funk Of Each Zodiac Sign

Who doesn’t surrender to the funk beats? The rhythm, which always goes well at parties and other celebrations. In addition, each sign also has a funk that is your face! We have prepared a selection with funks that has to do with each one of the signs of the zodiac. Is your favorite funk also the music of your sign?

Aries - Look at the explosion (MC Kevinho)

Aries are known for their explosive temper. So, a funk that has an explosion in the title is the perfect rhythm for them! The boldness of the steps of this dance is also the face of the natives of Aries.

It also matches: Abusively (MC Gustta and MC DG)

Taurus - Deu Onda (MC G15)

Does Funk also have romance? Well, Deu Onda talks about a lover who is going to abandon the life of joking for his love. Well the style of Taureans, who like a calm life and a little love by their side!

It also matches: You can let go (Jerry Smith)

Gemini - Malandramente (Dennis DJ and MCs Nandinho and Nego Bam)

A girl who likes to talk, but who changes her mind in the middle of the tour? It can only be Gemini! Malandramente has everything to do with the versatility and communicative way of the natives of twins.

It also matches: Departed (MC Kekel)

Cancer - I’m in love with this mine (MC Kevinho)

Cancerians are extremely romantic, and always live in love. So it’s already explained why this funk suits them! The music is full of references to love at first sight and romance the way Cancerians like it.

It also matches: Real love (MC Kekel and MC Rita)

Leo - I arrived (Ludmilla)

Whatever the party, Leos are always the stars of the night. And, as such, they deserve a funk that announces a triumphant entry. For this, the perfect rhythm is Cheguei, which announces that whoever came has come to shine.

It also matches: If I send (Lexa)

Virgo - Ta Tum Tum (Kevinho and Simone & Simaria)

The funky side of the Virgos is reflected in Ta Tum Tum, about a woman full of rules and composure, but who nevertheless swayes to the sound of funk when the time comes for the party. That is, a perfect Virgo!

It also matches: To envy is bye (MC Davi and MC Kevin)

Libra - Get the recipe (MC Dede and Kevinho)

Conquerors and charming, Librans are always full of contacts. Pega da Receita tells the story of someone who lives this life full of romance and many girlfriends, and who has everything to do with the style of Libras.

It also matches: Nice guy (MC G15)

Scorpio - Every day (Pabllo Vittar and Rico Dalasam)

But the greatest conquerors of the zodiac are even Scorpios. Therefore, the funk that suits them is one that talks about living in fun and making out every day. After all, for Scorpio natives, it’s always time to seduce.

Also matches: Vale nada (MC Smith)

Sagittarius - Unintentionally (Ludmilla)

The free spirit of Sagittarians combines with music that talks about detachment and animation. All of this is reflected in Sem Querer, which tells the story of someone who doesn’t want to get attached to anything, just spend the night enjoying the ballad.

Also matches: Vai Malandra (Anitta)

Capricorn - Woman of power (MC Pocahontas)

Capricorn officials, when they fall into funk, like to rock. Woman of power has an ambition and ostentation that the natives of Capricorn adore, besides having the perfect rhythm for them to throw themselves on the track.

Also combines: Earthquake (Anitta and Kevinho)

Aquarius - Rebel and abused (Tati Zaqui)

Aquarians don’t care about rules or standards. If a funk has a rebel in the title, it can only really have everything to do with them! The detached and original way of the natives of Aquarius is well represented in this song.

It also matches: Hit a wave (MC Carol)

Pisces - It’s cool, it’s favorable  (MC Bin Laden)

Dreamy and disconnected, Pisceans combine with the not too hectic pace of Tá Tranquilo, Tá Favorável. In addition, the lyrics about those who just want to enjoy the good and peaceful life is the face of the natives of Pisces.

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