The Problems, Conflicts and Disorders of each Zodiac Sign


Each person behaves differently when faced with Problems, Conflicts and Disorders. But did you know, that stars can be largely responsible for the behavior of each one in these moments of conflict and disorder?

For it is the sign of the zodiac that is responsible for much of the characteristics that we have. Through the date of birth, we are able to identify traits in our profile, these traits are quite important and influential, and based on them we are able to predict some possible behaviors.

How would you or your partner react to Problems, Conflicts and Disorders? It is very difficult to predict and imagine, but to help we list some of the main characteristics of each sign when they encounter a good old man in the relationship.

Check out how each sign reacts when they are having Problems, Conflicts and Disorders


Aries fall in love very easily, valuing attachment. But despite this attachment, the Aryans also lose their charm with the same intensity. Because of this, the end of a relationship is seen as not very traumatic. Able to accept the end of the relationship in a simple way, the Aries native usually questions the ending a lot, but at the same time he goes on to another one.


The possessiveness of the Taurus natives makes the end of the relationship a real drama. Those born in this sign hate to think they are being left out or passed over. Always very suspicious, they usually want to know all the reasons that led the partner to that decision. A principle of Taureans is not to consider returning, it’s over, it’s over!


The natives of twins can be creative even at a time like this. Always putting their creativity to the test, they are able to create a true story to explain the end of the relationship. But be careful, this story can be full of excuses and with an intensity and exaggeration beyond the normal.


Delicate and affectionate Cancerians have great difficulty in ending or accepting the end of a relationship. Due to this affectionate and very familiar personality they usually blame themselves for all the evil that happens. They always feed the hope of a possible return, even when the end is taken for granted.


Leo pride is not left out when a relationship ends. High self-esteem and strong personality make terminations quick and definitive. For the natives of Leão, taking a foot in the ass messes with their ego a lot and to overcome this they are able to ignore the situation and show themselves leaving for another one.


Virgos think a thousand times before ending a relationship. The great difficulty of taking the initiative means that the natives of this sign are not able to get out, almost always the bottom of the life of Virgos comes from their partners. This gives them a certain security, tranquility and freedom.


Romanticism makes Libras even when they are dismissed maintain a loving atmosphere. The gentle way makes many of the endings of relationships for Libra natives generate a second chance. The fundamental thing for Libras is that, with the end of the relationship, the friendship continues.


The end of the relationship of the natives of Scorpio is almost always related to the excess of charges. Either the native charges the loved one too much or feels suffocated by the charges made by the partner. A sincere and direct conversation is essential for those born of Scorpio to understand and overcome the end in a less intense way and with less chance of holding a grudge.


Because they do not give up their freedom, Sagittarians often want to take fame at the end of a relationship. Even after they have just been dumped they usually put themselves on top and show everything positive and liberating that this ending can provide to their day to day.


Super determined, firm and sure of themselves, Capricorns like to take the lead in situations like this. Very sincere when it comes to ditching someone, they usually say everything they think. If they are the ones who take it out, they usually act in the same way, very clearly, sincerely and even a hint of harshness.


Aquarians value simple things, which is why they don’t like to complicate the situation. When the subject is over, the Aquarius usually argue with security and objectivity, when explaining make their point of view very clear and like to listen to the opinion of all the people involved.


Pisces natives tend to suffer a lot from the end of a relationship, but this suffering lasts for a short time and is soon left behind. Super attentive, Pisceans take it easy with ease, but try to seek answers and comfort in someone else’s arms.

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