Know Why Your Ex Is the Worst According To The Astrology

Know Why Your Ex Is the Worst According To The Astrology

Everyone has their shortcomings, don’t they?

These defects of ours are almost always related to traits of our personality and characteristics of our profile. Each zodiac sign carries a vibration and an energy. And it is due to this vibration and this energy that we highlight some characteristics of our personality.

After a relationship ends, people tend to be different and behave not always very common. It is in times of crisis that we usually show certain characteristics of our personality.

When it comes to that ex, we can see even more of the defects. After all, nothing worse than dealing with an ex’s defects and demands. To help you know how to deal with the ex of each sign we list the main defects that the signs of the zodiac usually have when it comes to relating to the ex partner.

The defects of each sign are almost always related to the element that the sign belongs to. The elements fire, water, earth and air are strong influencers in the personality and in the defects that usually are more evident in our personality.

Fire Signs

The signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius belong to the element of fire. This element is responsible for characteristics related to impulsivity and pride. Check out what the ex of fire signs looks like:


The Aries ex usually does not easily accept the end of the relationship. Fearless and daring, he usually runs after the loved one if he believes that the relationship is not over yet. The bad mood is a very strong trait in the personality of the natives of this sign.


Pride is something that Leos have in every situation of life. Determined and always very self-confident, Leo’s ex usually seeks solace in the house of friends or with the pet.


Sagittarians are often quite impulsive. When it comes to ending a relationship, they can be even more compulsive, being able to create problems mainly related to unnecessary charges.

Earth Signs

The signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn belong to the element of earth. This element is responsible for characteristics related to insecurity and some difficulty in planning the future. Check out the ex of the Earth signs:


Concern for the future is a constant in the lives of Taureans. The ex of this sign usually have great difficulty in planning the future without having the loved one beside him, so he ends up being quite stubborn and shows great difficulty in accepting the opinion of other people.


By expecting too much from other people, they highlight the negative side of situations. But, despite this negativity, the ex of the sign of Virgo usually solves problems easily and arrive at a solution without many charges.


Ambitious, Capricorns don’t think twice when it comes to insisting and investing in the relationship. When they become ex they usually act with discipline and security, but without leaving persistence aside.

Air Signs

The signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius belong to the element of air. This element brings to the natives of these signs characteristics related to some very objective ways of dealing with the end of a relationship. Check out the ex of the air signs:


When it comes to the end, Geminis are often quite unpredictable. Restless and always sure of themselves, the ex of this sign uses reasoning as a great ally when dealing with losses.


Librans always give up fights and confrontations, which is why they don’t like to cause controversy even when they believe they are right. Very undecided, Libra’s ex almost always turns to his friends to overcome the loss.


Aquarians tend to be very discouraged when it comes to breaking up. A quiet, sociable and very understanding ex, he values ​​the power of freedom and tries to innovate to overcome pain and difficulties.

Water Signs

The signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are well known for their excessive attachment and the ability to demonstrate their suffering after the end. Check out the ex of the water signs:


Very attached, the Cancerian almost always faces great difficulties when it comes to ending a relationship. An ex who believes in the possibility of a fresh start ends up, in some cases, suffocating the people he likes. The heart the size of the world, makes you always want to see the other person happy.


Scorpio natives value a storm in a teacup. When they feel upset they become real beasts and are capable of showing aggression and intensity in the ex’s influence.


Very dreamy, the ex of Pisces always seeks to show that his friendliness can make things simpler. His generosity and his affectionate manner make him become a very friendly and present ex in future moments.

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