The Chocolates And Candies To Gift Each Zodiac Sign

The Chocolates And Candies To Gift Each Zodiac Sign

A sweetie makes everyone happy, regardless of the day they were born and the arrangement of the planets in their birth chart. However, according to the characteristics of each sign, it is possible to identify which types of desserts are most pleasing. Textures, tastes, sensations and presentations, everything influences.

Check out the list of treats and candies we identified below.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Aries

Aries are incredibly immediate, and it will not be a sweetie that will tame this momentum of the natives of this sign. In contrast, they tend to be rabid, and a sweet will always help calm the mood. Generally, they are fond of ready-made and uncomplicated chocolates, but if it is to be a slightly more elaborate dessert, a passion fruit mousse can be a good choice.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Taurus

Taurus natives are hungry for food all the time. It is easier to say which dessert would not please this sign, or maybe not because I can’t think of any. They can enjoy every dessert that appears, from the most exquisite cake and full of fillings and confectionery to a simple brigadeiro spoon made to order to accompany the laziness of an afternoon watching movies.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Gemini

Geminis constantly change their minds, which can make your favourite desserts seasonal. They generally prefer sweets that mix sensations such as different textures, temperatures and sweet and sour flavours. The petit gateau with a scoop of ice cream can draw attention.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Cancer

Cancerians are family members and tend to prefer any dessert classified as “comfortable food”. A simple cake made in the late afternoon will make Cancerians happy without a doubt, and if it is a creamy cornmeal cake that reminds you of childhood at your grandmother’s house, then guaranteed success!

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Leo

Leo’s like to look, and there is no use pretending that they don’t. A simple candy will hardly attract their attention, but a good cupcake decorated with care and exuberance will win the hearts of these natives. The more elaborate it looks, the more it will attract you. If it is in confectionery, Leo will always look at the window to make his choice.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Virgo

Organized and seen as the zodiac signs, Virgos often refuse dessert to preserve their health. Therefore, when choosing sweets, they will always prefer healthy recipes with fruits in their composition and little sugar. A banana pie, sweetened naturally with the sugar of the fruit itself, pleases the taste of these natives. Homemade jams and jams are also chosen several times.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Libra

Librans also love beauty, but they don’t get too attached to it when it comes to eating. As they tend to prefer salty foods, Libras are not uncommon to eat sweet before salty to keep the taste of salt in their mouths. A thousand-leaf candy made with sour fillings like red fruit would win the heart of this native.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Scorpio

Scorpios are bold, mysterious and highly seductive. They love to sweeten life through desserts and hardly refuse an opportunity to taste sweet. A chocolate mousse pie with pepper is among the favourites of these natives.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Sagittarius

Natives of this sign are always good-natured and are looking for fun. They like essential desserts such as ice cream, party sweets (brigadeiro, beijinho, cajuzinho) and any other recipe that includes alcohol in the composition. If it is winter, they are those who never do without a good brandy.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Capricorn

Despite their rugged and reclusive appearance, Capricorns love sweets, especially if made by them. They tend to like cooking, any confectionery recipe and are dedicated and need to hear compliments from their productions. A good strawberry pie makes Capricorns happy.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Aquarius

Like Sagittarians, Aquarius like fun and uncomplicated things. Good ice cream makes these natives happy. Variations like an ice cream pie, elaborate scratch cards or a beautiful milkshake also make them very happy.

Desserts, Chocolates And Candies For Pisces

Pisceans live in a world separate from other people, and because of that, they will always seek desserts that make them better accept living together with so many different people. Cakes stuffed like a beautiful red fruit naked cake are almost a hug for them.

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