The Aquarius Zodiac Sign Symbology

The Aquarius Zodiac Sign Symbology

Aquarius is the last sign of the triad of the signs of Ar. As explained in the articles on the two other signs of this element, in Gemini man learns the importance of being interested and seeking all kinds of knowledge and spreading it, and in Libra learning to use reason gained in his studies to reasonably and thoughtfully establish a concept of justice, as well as to balance his attitudes and impulses in order to achieve an internal balance that enables him to relate on a harmonious basis.

Once these lessons are learned, our intellectual capacity symbolized by the element Air reaches its peak in Aquarius, where the mind reaches scientific and impersonal thinking, enabling achievements that transcend the individual man himself and have a social impact. We are, therefore, in the dimension of science, politics and fraternity.

The heart of this tripod is undoubtedly brotherhood, without which scientific advancement and the exercise of politics lead to totalitarianism, populism, and ultimately to wars of extermination.

It is fraternity that will allow the impersonality of the sign of Aquarius not to become coldness, which would lead to the predominance of individualism characteristic of the Leo-Aquarius axis . Recall that every Ar sign (rational) is opposed to a Fire sign (passion) and there is always a characteristic of the Ar sign that will be crucial in preventing its reason from being dominated by the streaks of passion of its opposite / complementary. And in the case of Aquarius, this characteristic is brotherhood.

Symbolically speaking, it is from the ideal of brotherhood, built from an impersonal capacity for analysis of life, that Aquarius can reach the higher mind and enable the technological and scientific evolution of man, enabling better living conditions and sustainability. Without the motivation to pursue development that benefits everyone, science and technology can indistinctly lead to the destruction of their own species and the planet.

Similarly, it is this ideal that should, at least according to astrological millenary symbology, underpin political activity, as it embodies, in the present world model, the process by which all that was thought and built ( including justice developed in Libra) can be distributed to the population. It is the political decisions that will determine how the division will be made, and without an impartial brotherly sense we once again fall into the clutches of tyranny, income concentration, privilege, prejudice, and so on. All symbols of the worst on the Leo-Aquarius axis.

Mythologically, Aquarius is associated with Prometheus , who gave the Fire of the Gods to men and represents the superior mind that, after much study, manages to process all material impersonally, enabling to deliver to mankind the advanced knowledge that will guarantee him the greatest of all. Aquarius ideals: independence.

This well-grounded knowledge also allows the desired independence to be gained from fraternal and rational processes and not from riotous rebellions grounded in an undisclosed yearning for anarchy, which is also represented in Aquarius symbolism.

And for that, this process must be developed with the whole discipline of Leo (the opposite / complementary sign of Aquarius).

And finally, the secret is that this independence, acquired from a great deal of knowledge, must be organized and disciplined and made possible to all, just as the astrological image of the sign, represented by a man who, from heaven, empties water over humanity. If this knowledge, this intelligence and this yearning for independence are used to the detriment of others and not in a fraternal way, the destruction of oneself and the collective will be destroyed.

Do not believe? Read the world news. We are bumping into the Age of Aquarius , and what humanity has pledged to learn will learn. Whether for love or pain, the choice is ours. We are independent in nature, we only need to learn to be, in fact, independent and fraternal as a species and not just individually. And to do so, we must, with great discipline and determination, develop our superior mind and our capacity for impartial reasoning.

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