Everything You Need To Know About The Age Of Aquarius

Everything You Need To Know About The Age Of Aquarius

For some years, astrologers have been talking a lot about the Age of Aquarius. All professionals and lovers of Astrology are incredibly excited about this subject since, with this Age, many significant changes will happen for humanity. But, before going into this subject properly, it is worth explaining briefly what an Era is.

Precession of the equinoxes

According to its movement, there is a terrestrial movement called “precession of the equinoxes,” which causes the Earth’s north axis to point to different stars over time. Each time the north axis indicates a star, we have an Astrological Age.

The complete cycle of this movement lasts for about 25794 years. If the total cycle time is divided by twelve (representing the number of signs), we conclude that an Era happens approximately every 2149 years.

Each Era is responsible for any changes in people, in society, in political structures, in nations, and everything and anything else, since the characteristics of the ruling sign become present and change the course of everything.

Age of Aquarius

If the data above is analyzed, it is possible to calculate that the Age of Aquarius will only start around the year 2600. So, why are so many people already excited about it? Simple: many astrologers agree that we live in the transition period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, so significant changes are already underway.

Therefore, it will not be overnight that we will feel the changes coming from Aquarius. They are already happening, gradually, in this last part of the Age of Pisces. Knowing the Aquarian characteristics and through many studies, it can be said that the Age of Aquarius will lead us to significant changes.

What does it brings?

Aquarius brings us to freedom, independence, fun, and, at the same time, a lot of unions, fraternity, creativity, innovation, and good feelings. But it is worth saying that, as in any Age, we continue with our possibilities of choice. The Pisces Era, for example, could have been an excellent chance for renewal and for sharing the love for society. Still, it was not, as human beings insisted on gross errors, such as selfishness and lack of compassion. Therefore, even with all the possibilities that the Universe offers us, in the end, it is the human being who decides which path to take.

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