Taurus Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Taurus Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

The double influence of Venus and the Moon determines Sensitivity and sentimentality, which gives Taurus a calm and confident taste.

He loves discreet, but well-sewn clothes, rich silk and wool, leaving the right to extravagance for Aries, does not like necklaces, stiff collars and ties, likes perfumes with a delicate smell. Saves clothes for a long time, turns to the same style if he believes that he suits him.

Usually Taurus is peaceful and patient. The need for harmony makes them put up with a lot, but it’s terrible when their patience comes to an end. Taurus do not like disputes, especially in a raised tone and do not tolerate disharmonious life. Trust in their perception, inner conviction, based more on feelings than on inference. Cautious observers who prefer to look ahead again with how to draw conclusions.

Objectivity is important for Taurus, they do not like to think, are less religious than other signs of the Zodiac, have excellent memory, keep their word. They annoy themselves and others with their indecision, unwillingness to deal with a change in the situation.

They should overcome the belief that the whole world revolves around them, they should learn loyalty.

They are secretive when it comes to their personal affairs, even if they are talkative. The owners are generous, but at the same time greedy. You need to learn the right balance: “give - take.”

Taurus is characterized by common sense, simplicity, and pragmatic intelligence. Feelings in Taurus are sharper than other signs.

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