Taurus Professions and Business Guide - 2023

Taurus Professions and Business Guide - 2023

In youth, they think a lot about choosing a profession, they want to be sure that they will succeed, and they will be able to do everything well, earn a lot. Do not object to a certain routine, to a certain repeatability, creating the impression of stability. Committed to following the rules and love success. No sign spends so much effort on trifles.

Since biblical times, the sign Taurus has been associated with wealth, money that Taurus attracts to itself and which elude losers, because they spend too much trying to make ends meet.

Usually Taurus has good hands. Taurus writers prefer a pen to a typewriter, and if they print, then only themselves. The best use of Taurus is everything that provides a reward, satisfaction of feelings - from farming to flower cultivation, animal husbandry, cookery, baking, restaurant business (famous chefs are mainly Taurus).

They show themselves well in that they relate to comfort in the house: architecture, interior, construction as a whole, are fashionable, concern for beauty, weaving. They are capable of poetry, writing, pedagogy (especially the teaching of languages), painting, music, economics, exchange business. As a rule, they are apolitical (further on economics, sociology, biology, anthropology, acquaintance with politics does not go).

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