Taurus Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

Taurus Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

In youth, they dream of love, fall in love with “Love” long before the appearance of their first lover. When this happens, they need time to wake up, to reveal reality, another personality, until their personality becomes an object of love.

Passion does not suddenly arise even in more mature years, but grows slowly and imperceptibly, but when feelings speak, there is no more sensual sign. He does not back down from his choice.

For Taurus, feelings and desires are one and the same. The enthusiasm of Taurus is complete: he goes to the end, regardless of whether this end is sweet or bitter. Neither critic nor inconvenience nor discomfort can stop the love of Taurus, although Taurus is practical in other respects.

The sensitivity of Taurus is higher than a sexual act, it is visible in everything that relates to a loved one: clothes, complexion, smell, tone of voice.

Taurus love conceals the intimacy and isolation of a deserted island in sunshine, the mysticism of a warm and dark cave. She is deeply touching, gentle, not complicated by anything and lasts a long time.

For Taurus, the old-fashioned, romantic promise of eternal fidelity, death, like Romeo and Juliet, if their love interferes, remains valid, and this is inherent in both young and mature Taurus, men and women. They want to own their beloved (s) and belong to them to the end. If reality does not correspond to the ideal, Taurus goes through the hell of jealousy, despondency, does not want any reconciliations and distractions, sometimes it can even die due to a broken heart. They can go to other extremes - “don Juanism”, alcoholism, gluttony, but this is relatively rare.

The Taurus women make the most terrible old virgins, the Taurus men are generally warmer, more thoughtful, devoted lovers, although owners, they are pleased to provide all the needs and surround their chosen ones with luxury. In this they may even overwork, but they do not compete with other men for attachment to their beloved, do not share it with others, do not compromise, do not forget and do not forgive betrayals and deceits.

Taurus women want to worship and expect lovers to prove their feelings. Having been assured of feelings, they become balanced, affectionate and lively and with pleasure pamper and spoil the man in many ways. Usually they know how to keep men.

Both men and women attach great importance to the physiological aspect of love relationships and do not tolerate frigid partners.

The connection with Taurus is entanglement, sometimes drawing into a predicament. Marriage with Taurus discounts the possibility of divorce and is designed for harmony.

From Taurus, tender warm parents are obtained, taking care of their children with pleasure. Physically and psychologically, they do not tolerate the emotional affection of a partner for children.

Taurus succeed in the harmony of family life, cannot stand quarrels, can be slightly dictators in relation to children. If Taurus overcomes the jealous possessive string, there is no ideal lover.

Sentimental Taurus and Scorpio are two opposites of each other.

True, not always successfully Taurus suits Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Leo (for love and friendship). Pisces, Cancer should be avoided.


Love for Taurus Women

Born under this sign is charming and sophisticated, capricious and sensual. She seeks to surround herself with beautiful things and brilliant men. Understanding her character perfectly, men nevertheless achieve intimacy with her, as she is a great partner who can give sophisticated sensual pleasure Epicurean perception of life helps her to avoid many serious problems and painful relationships. Joy from the fullness of feelings is transmitted to her chosen one. I must admit that for men it is just as attractive and enticing as it is ruinous. Her married life is often muddled and unstable.

Love for Taurus Men

Women seek marriage with him. They are conquered by his self-confidence, self-esteem, correct and respectful attitude to his partner. He cannot be called a sophisticated and sophisticated lover, but his passion is strong and exciting for women. In the vicinity, he is inclined to equal rights and does not seek to suppress his partner with sensuality. It is open in all manifestations of intimacy and suggests the presence of the same openness in a woman. Jealous, but considers it his weakness. In the choice of women, as in everything else, she is absolutely independent and relies only on her own experience. It is almost impossible to “seduce” with all kinds of female tricks. To do this, he is smart enough and insightful. It maintains excellent physical shape until old age. His marriage is long and happy, although he does not make much effort to this.

Ideal for you: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces.
More or less suitable for you: Gemini.
Absolutely not suitable for you: Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Aries

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