Can Tarot Cards Answer Unconscious Emotional Issues?

Can Tarot Cards Answer Unconscious Emotional Issues?

We all want to get answers to our doubts and questions. Whatever the difficulty we face, we seek to assuage our distress with the certainty that what we yearn for will come true.

The Tarot is one of the most precious instruments to point us out, but it does not simply bring closing determination. The letters also show us what factors will facilitate the achievement of that goal and the obstacles we will have to overcome to achieve it. That is, our attitude primarily determines the future. Even when it comes to a situation where we depend on other people’s decisions, how we deal with that person can make all the difference in how that situation unfolds.

Tarot to answer the questions

When looking for an answer to our inquiries in the letters, the important thing is that we pay attention to the unconscious emotional issues that the oracle will bring up. It symbolically presents the energies that are predominating in us or someone else at that moment and gives indications of how this situation may develop in the future.

Since what happened inside is interconnected with outside events, we need to consider that the events in our lives are, to a large extent, generated by our own choices.

Even though the Tarot’s answer is not what we wanted to hear, it can always point out what lesson there is to be learned, how we should act to change the vibration we are emanating and, thus, make our desires materialize.

The essential understanding is that the Tarot advises us to act with wisdom from our inner being, not based on the ego’s impulses and motivations. The ego is always fickle and changes the motivation as events unfold.

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