Sun in Gemini and Valentine's Month

Sun in Gemini and Valentine's Month

Gemini carries with it the ability to move quickly through relationships, communication, and curiosity!

With two heads - I always like to play with this image. The duality of the Gemini makes it easier to understand joy and sadness, life and death, hate and love.

Decisions will never be easy for Geminis to make, regardless of whether they choose sparkling or still water! Thus, we find dispersion also as a close friend of the Geminians.

But as the month carries the tone of Valentine’s Day, I bring here the 12 signs of how this month will be for this relationship and how to give each character a gift and not make mistakes on Friday!


In this Aryan month, the most important thing is to avoid criticism within the relationship as much as possible. In your relationship, the moment carries good energy for love, bringing joyful moments between you! For Aries, always think of original gifts or that can be used in physical activities!


Moment of greater intimacy within the Taurus relationship, take responsibility to present, enjoy the relationship and deepen, avoid taking the most significant step you can avoid unnecessary expenses on your gifts! It is worth a good dinner for Taureans, with a good wine, with a good dessert, as gifts to use in the kitchen, since they like to cook or share the kitchen with those they love!


Does “Bora” open up to better understand the differences within the relationship? There is now a more excellent opening to avoid wear and tear due to differences in thoughts and values. For Geminis, a good book, notebook, and pens to write or draw, since imagination and interest are not lacking in them!


Venus is in Cancer, the ruler of relationships and love, so how about meeting the simplicity of gestures and actions within your relationship? Avoid routine and coldness. Affection and delicacies will make all the difference for two. For Cancerians, kitchen stuff is also worth it since the kitchen is the best place to find fragrant food and a loving Cancerian to serve you so that notebooks can create your recipes like cookbooks.


Venus that will leave the crab and come to the kingdom of manes will bring greater openness to care and well-being within relationships. Love calls for more care and fun! With good luck looking at your relationship, let go of selfishness and give yourself more! For Leos not to make mistakes is to present things that attract attention, with a lot of color and brightness.


It is necessary to leave the gears working well, Virgo, nothing to get stuck in old patterns or get lost within the old memories; look at your relationship today to build a future where past mistakes are not repeated. For Virgos, gifts that mark your organization well!


For Libras, it is worth avoiding getting lost here within diplomatic fans. Yes, frank and direct conversations will prevent further wear and tear. As Libra is ruled by Venus, too, take the opportunity to balance and take care of more of the little details within you. For Libras, romantic gifts, with beautiful packaging, yes, they pay attention to everything !!!


First for Scorpios is to keep the stinger and understand the limits within your relationship. To avoid being alone on the 12th, learn that to be in control of everything is to lose the best to have someone to hug in the cold bed. For Scorpios, ask them what they want because they don’t like surprises very much, and it’s even worth investing in the side of self-knowledge, mystics, and things to warm up between four walls.


Release your Sagittarius arrow! The month calls for more delivery and tranquility within the relationship. Yes, freedom is necessary to be more willing to come back and tell the news, give yourself more, and discover that intimacy is not synonymous with loss of liberty! For Sagittarians, travel books, travel itself and everything that can feed the freedom they need so much, they also like to study, so gifts that bring knowledge will never be a mistake!


“Bora” relax more within the relationship? Why be afraid of everything all the time? Relax more and enjoy life together, no more fear and fights !! For Capricorns, getting it right is giving a gift that lasts a long time! Yes, for the durability is worth more than anything else.


Let’s leave the “democracy” aside and be less intolerant towards the relationship. Understand that your relationship is composed of two people, and thus, there is no way to be everything just your way. For Aquarians, you can play with creativity because the originality of the gift counts more than the price paid!


Time to put more dedication and affection into the relationship, listen to the needs of your half and learn to grow together! For Pisces, it is worth abusing romanticism with gifts that also serve as a record of your relationship !!

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