How Scorpio Communicates with Each Zodiac Sign?

How Scorpio Communicates with Each Zodiac Sign?

Continuing the series of articles on the communication of the signs with each other, I will now deal with the exchange of Scorpio with the other signs of the Zodiac.

Note that the analyzes made in these articles are generic and superficial. To verify the facilities and difficulties to be faced in the relationship between two people, it is necessary to perform the synastry of the astrological charts.

Scorpio Aries Communication

Beware of anger and thoughtless words. Scorpio can cut ties with Aries once and for all because of harsh and offensive words spoken in the spur of the moment, and it will be too late for an apology. Aries does not understand Scorpio’s enduring bitterness and hypersensitivity. Both need to learn to deal with their aggressive and angry impulses to have a lasting relationship. Thinking before acting or speaking is the key to solving the problem. Once this is done, expect a lot of intensity, collaboration and ability to achieve together.

Scorpio Taurus Communication

Complementary opposites. Taurus needs to learn from Scorpio that life is eternal alchemy and that everything changes. Nothing is static or forever (yes, Taurus likes forever). Taurus understands that the human mind is more complex than it looks and that nothing is the way it appears. Scorpio needs to learn from Taurus that forgiveness exists and is born out of compassion; the most significant power is feeling. If you understand this, you can complement each other.

Scorpio Gemini Communication

Scorpio’s jealousy and possessiveness don’t get Gemini or binoculars! The grudge and delay in processing things emotionally also leave Gemini at a distance. After all, life was made to be light. The frequent changes of Gemini chase away the Scorpio. Its flexibility for everything in life is frowned upon by the sign, for whom the world is black or white. If you learn from each other that life often has to be taken seriously and that some words have to go through one ear and out through the other, you may find a chance.

Scorpio Cancer Communication

If both learn to forgive the disappointments that any relationship brings, they can work. Otherwise, it will be such a frown here and there, without dialogue about why that will make a living together unbearable. Both must acknowledge their emotional weaknesses and hypersensitivity, as there is a lack of a more rational and pragmatic side to end to hurt by nonsense. Having overcome this, they can live with much love and collaboration. In business, the combination works well, as one knows how to earn money and the other has the strategies to multiply it.

Scorpio Leo Communication

Apart from their common sense of loyalty, however, these two tend to clash head-on. Leo’s openness and transparency frighten the suspicious Scorpio, and Leo courage tends to provoke Scorpio’s envy and, consequently, his attack. Leo will defend himself tooth and nail and accuse Scorpio of being treacherous, and a problem of mutual trust will have been established. If Leo understands that Scorpio can teach you to be more strategic and if Scorpio understands that Leo can lead you to have more confidence and joy, the two can understand each other, but they are two tough heads hitting each other.

Scorpio Virgo Communication

Virgo may have the patience needed for Scorpio’s outbursts and insecurities, and Scorpio understands Virgo’s anxiety. However, Scorpio hates to be criticized, and Virgo hates Scorpio’s changes. If they know that there are constructive criticisms and that in life, everything changes, they can find a familiar road to be followed.

Scorpio Libra Communication

Scorpio’s harshness hurts the harmonious Libra, and Libra can understand Scorpio’s excess of emotion and depth as squeamish or arrogant. Scorpio, on the other hand, whose sense of justice is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and for whom the world is black or white, cannot understand the 50 shades of grey that Libra sees in everything and everyone and sees this as pure indecision or even falsehood. If one learns that a bit of diplomacy goes well and the other that strong positions are necessary depending on the situation, they can do a little better. And Libra needs to understand that in a relationship, the feeling can be more critical than rationalizing.

Scorpion Scorpion Communication

Intensity and depth are the words for this relationship. Both are passionate and go deep into things, including feelings and psychological analysis. Both are stubborn and need to learn to accept one or the other as they are, and this is not easy for a Scorpio alone. Imagine for two! They have the same defects, and if they do not bring them to the conscious level, they will break the relationship, accusing the other of defects that are nothing more than their mirror. If they know how to bring that to consciousness, they will live in eternal metamorphosis and will be able to evolve together as people, reaching the clouds.

Scorpio Sagittarius Communication

If Scorpio knows how to receive, Sagittarius will give you the lightness you need to face life and teach you how to be optimistic and confident (yes, Scorpio lives in fear). In turn, Scorpio can lay the groundwork Sagittarius needs and devise strategies for the Archer’s arrows to reach their target. But Scorpio must develop the patience to understand the need for Sagittarius’ movement and absences and for Sagittarius to understand Scorpio’s intensity and jealousy.

Scorpio Capricorn Communication

There is a successful combination, the strategist Scorpio with the dedicated and persistent Capricorn. Both feel similarly, as they have similar emotional insecurities and need to learn to deal with their emotional side healthily, but together, they can see and accept that. United can find a way to be more optimistic, as both are pessimistic. While Capricorn leads, Scorpio organizes, and this combination can work very well for affective or commercial relationships.

Scorpio Aquarius Communication

Either they understand, or the relationship ends soon, and nobody will ever want to return. Two tough heads who want to be right about everything and have fixed opinions about everything, not always coinciding. Aquarius is impersonal, rational and needs independence. Scorpio is passionate, emotional and needs company. Can they understand each other? They need a lot of spiritual instruction to overcome their difficulties and accept one another.

Scorpio Pisces Communication

The jealous Scorpio finds in Pisces someone who fulfil the need to be together and exchange emotions, dealing compassionately with his passionate impulses, thus dissolving his internal demons. Pisces finds in Scorpio, an astute organizer who will point out the people on duty and give a direction to Pisces dreams. If they know how to balance excess feelings, they can be pretty happy together.

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