Interactions Of Aries With The Other Signs Of The Zodiac

Interactions Of Aries With The Other Signs Of The Zodiac

The last series of twelve articles I published here was about how each sign relates and how to relate to each one better. Continuing with the theme of signs and relationships, I proceed to write twelve more articles, this time addressing the interaction of signs with each other.

Note that the analyzes made in these articles are generic and superficial. In order to really check what facilities and difficulties are to be faced in the relationship between two people, it is necessary to perform the synastry of the astrological maps.

In the first article of this series I cover the interactions of Aries with the other signs of the Zodiac.

Aries and Aries

Positively speaking, this relationship will be agitated, with a lot of passion and movement, as well as with many plans together. However, we have two individuals who like to lead and this can be a problem in everyday life. Be careful not to turn the relationship into a competition. Let the generosity of Fire prevail.

Aries and Taurus

Aries needs to understand that Taurus has his time, slow, that makes decisions calmly and thoughtfully, but firmly and safely. If Aries understands this, then Taurus will have a great opportunity to learn to deal with his anxiety and haste, as well as to work on his impulsiveness. Taurus needs to understand that sometimes it is necessary to act immediately, that patience has a limit and that comfort zone does not take anyone forward. If Taurus understands this, then Aries can assist in the courage to make the necessary changes.

Aries and Gemini

Much conversation, much exchange of ideas. Gemini imagines and Aries materializes. Gemini deals with everyday problems and Aries with bigger dilemmas, giving a north to plans and relationships. But Aries needs to learn from Gemini that there are different points of view and opinions, otherwise they will feel that they are dealing with someone volatile. Gemini need to learn from Aries that there are harmful opinions and that they generate serious injustices and, therefore, they must be rethought.

Aries and Cancer

Aries’ assertive and impulsive attitude tends to hurt the sensitive Cancer. Cancer’s sticky and emotional posture tends to irritate the combative Aries. One needs to learn that love solves everything and the other that excessive emotion can ruin everything. They need to find a balance between these opposing forces.

Aries and Leo

A lot of enthusiasm, passion and thirst to live and achieve in this relationship. Together, they can create anything they want. But Aries needs to understand that Leo has the majesty by nature, otherwise the Aryan attitude “I want what I want and now” will be read by Leo as disrespect and that will make him run. Leo needs to understand that Aries wants to be the pioneer and that it does not affect his dignity nor is it a gesture of outrage or disrespect.

Aries and Virgo

The first has an entrepreneurial nature, it triggers life. The second does the heavy lifting of day to day for dreams to germinate. Together they can make life a sweet journey. However, Virgo was born to diagnose and this includes the defects of Aries, which will strike your pride strongly. Thus, Aries must learn to listen and have the humility to accept their imperfections. Aries acts twice before thinking and this leaves the anxious Virgo with his hair standing on end. So Virgo needs to understand that a little risk and momentum in life can be the difference between warm and warm.

Aries and Libra

The opposites of the Zodiac will fight a battle until they understand that the first needs to learn to see the side of others in life and the second needs to stop pondering so much and make a decision. Basically, both are experiencing the dilemma of relationships and need to understand that relationship implies compromise and that decisions will not always be fair, but that injustices, once diagnosed, can be corrected. They are two sides of the same coin, not two opposites.

Aries and Scorpio

Beware of anger and thoughtless words. Scorpio can permanently cut off relations with Aries because of harsh and offensive words spoken in the spur of the moment and it will be too late for an apology. Aries does not understand Scorpio’s enduring bitterness and hypersensitivity. Both need to learn to deal with their aggressive and angry impulses if they are to have a lasting relationship. Thinking before you act or speak is the key to the problem. Once this is done, expect a lot of intensity, complicity and ability to achieve together.

Aries and Sagittarius

The Sagittarius idealist found the entrepreneur Aries, together they dream of taking over the world, but they need their feet on the ground in order not to build a sand castle and that includes the relationship itself. They need to learn to be humble in order to accept themselves as evolving beings and that neither is the owner of any truth. Otherwise, they will exchange sparks from time to time. They are two in love with each other and with life.

Aries and Capricorn

If Aries understands that patience is the best quality of a person, then he will be able to grow a lot alongside Capricorn, who will teach him that everything has its time and should be built in a gradual and solid way, without much fanfare. If Capricorn understands that dreaming and taking risks are the essential ingredients for success and freedom, then you can reach the top of the world faster with Aries. Otherwise, one will accuse the other of being fearful or reckless.

Aries and Aquarius

Two owners of the truth, better Aries to leave the truth to Aquarius, because sometimes it is wiser to be happy than to be right. Together they will discuss life’s justice issues a lot and idealize a better world. It takes a lot of persistence to get Aquarians out of their ideas and that will be up to Aries, who has the discipline to teach Aquarius. This, in turn, teaches Aries the art of reasoning based on concrete facts before acting on impulse.

Aries and Pisces

Two creatives, one in love (Aries) and the other who learned the art of loving (Pisces). One teaches that passion drives us to fulfillment and the other that love sustains achievement. If Aries understands that Pisces is sensitive and needs a lot of affection, they can get along well. Pisces understands everyone, he just can’t look in Aries for his savior.

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