Spring Equinox Marks Astrological New Year

Spring Equinox Marks Astrological New Year

For astrology, the new year does not start exactly on January 1st, but on March 20th . On that day, the sun enters the energy of the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Therefore, we can consider this date as the astrological new year. And, going beyond the sign of Aries, another important event occurs on the planet on that date.

March 20, here in the southern hemisphere of the planet, also represents the spring equinox . The equinox is when, from the earth’s point of view, the sun crosses the equator line. This phenomenon happens twice a year, in the fall and spring. In either case, it is the day of the year when day and night are of equal length and this marked for ancient peoples dates of important celebration.

Some pre-Christian European peoples, such as the Celts, celebrated their festivities on specific days of the year that are linked to the seasons of nature. These celebrations were called sabbaths. To this day, some neopagan groups celebrate these dates.

Sabbaths serve to mark what these people called the “wheel of the year,” in which the seasons of nature were also seen as representations of each person’s individual energies. For example, in winter people become more introspective, and in summer more outgoing, while in spring they need to break free of past events in order to celebrate life and fertility in the spring.

In addition to this symbolism, sabbaths are celebrations for people getting in touch with nature and balancing their energies, as happens on March 20th, in the sabbath called Mabon.

Mabon is an equinox, so day and night have the same duration. This symbolizes that, inwardly, it is a good time to balance. It is also a sabbath that represents a harvest period of what we sow during the summer and marks a period that we must begin to save resources for use in the introspective winter period. So, combining all this with the Aries energies that are most exposed right now, what will the astrological new year look like?

Like every new year, we should look at it as a time to evaluate what we reap from the fruits of the previous year and what we should save for this new astrological period that begins. As Aries energy is evident, a year always begins with action and attitude to lead us to the realization of our dreams and goals. So don’t waste your time and make this year the best you’ve ever had in your life to date!

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