Solar Eclipse In Leo Zodiac Sign: The Transformation Your Mood Needs!

Solar Eclipse In Leo Zodiac Sign: The Transformation Your Mood Needs!

August is a month full of powerful astrological movements! After the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 7th, we arrived at the total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo on the 21st. The phenomenon brings a reflection so strong that it may have effects even in the coming years! So, focus your thoughts on fundamental life changes right now because all the powerful energy from the last Eclipse of the year can fall on your side.

Because it is a solar eclipse, the 21st day of the month gives a lot of value to your emotions and decisions that you make with your feelings as a guide. He signals that it is time to cut, definitively, with everything that has no more place in his heart and, even though the thought of letting him go is scary, now is the time to do it!

Along with the solar Eclipse’s energies, we are experiencing a time when Mercury is in retrograde motion. Many thoughts may conflict, and doubts tend to overshadow the clarity of the mind. The lunar energies arrive to bring lucidity to your conscious, asking that you analyze your life and put into practice the practices that will make you move forward! It is a time that can seem daunting for those who don’t like change, but it is all part of the growth process that you need to understand to become a full being.

Just as Eclipse asks you to say these goodbyes, it also warns you that you must prepare for new and great beginnings. Start to observe all areas of your life better, looking prepared to detect the opportunities that may be there to make you grow.

Don’t forget that this Eclipse takes place in Leo , the sign of brightness and self-confidence! Now, more than ever, it is time for you to put yourself first and remain true to your essence, prioritizing your goals and valuing your gifts and abilities. Become aware of all the power that dwells in you so that the lunar energies are also part of your strength.

The signs most affected by this phenomenon will be Leo and Aquarius, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the houses on your birth chart governed by these signs. And, even those who are not governed by these signs in any way also need to be attentive to experience all that this Moon has to offer. To guide you on this day, we have advice for each sign:

Solar Eclipse In Aries

Take advantage of the extra dose of energy you will feel today to work your creativity. Now is the time to come up with new ideas to thrive at work!

Solar Eclipse In Taurus

The time has come to follow your heart! Whatever limits you to giving chances to new emotions must leave now to arise more prosperous emotional bonds.

Solar Eclipse In Gemini

Your heart’s voice is favored, so it’s time to sit down to solve all the problems in your relationships and find balance with those you love.

Solar Eclipse In Cancer

Today is the day when your confidence is high! Don’t be afraid to chase after what you want and make others hear your voice.

Solar Eclipse In Leo

Your sign is the star of Eclipse, but the moment asks you to reconnect with yourself and understand what you want and how you can achieve it.

Solar Eclipse In Virgo

The day is ideal for closing chapters and looking to the past, looking for lessons that can prepare you for the new beginnings of the future.

Solar Eclipse In Libra

The energy is ideal to be with friends and meet new people! You need to know where your heart wants to go and not be afraid to follow it.

Solar Eclipse In Scorpio

It’s time to expand your look a little. Realize that there is more to living in love than possession and make room for new ideas in the professional field.

Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius

Your adventurous spirit is more awake than ever! It’s time to look for new horizons and ideals, don’t forget to enjoy the present while idealizing the future.

Solar Eclipse In Capricorn

Emotional bonds are your priority right now. Be sure to value those who are the basis of your strength, and no one is happy alone!

Solar Eclipse In Aquarius

If there is anything that has been left in half, it is time to finish it! The day asks you to clarify any doubts that dwell in your mind to find your true path.

Solar Eclipse In Pisces

The focus of the day is simple: you! Take care of yourself in all ways: from physical to spiritual health. Rest and don’t let the energy of others contaminate yours.

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