7 Signs Of A Reincarnated Soul And Rebirth

7 Signs Of A Reincarnated Soul And Rebirth

Reincarnation is the process by which our soul, or conscience, passes to be reborn in another physical body after its death. Reincarnation is seen as an opportunity to learn, evolve or cancel karma. The soul goes through as many reincarnations as necessary to find enlightenment. Most people still have a lot to evolve, so they have new incarnations ahead of them, but some people have already reached the last stage of knowledge and are in their last reincarnation, free from the cycle of death and rebirth, Samsara, according to traditions Buddhist and Hindu.

The signs that you are in the last reincarnation point to a soul that has understood the true meaning of life and will not leave unfinished business after this incarnation. It is ready to evolve to a higher plane of existence. There are seven main signs that can be observed. Check out!

Absence of children

Who has children always has them as a source of attention and concern? The person who had children in this reincarnation will not be free to evolve, because even after death he will still be concerned with the children he left behind or if it is still possible to do something to help them. In addition, in this life, the main dedication will not be the spiritual evolution, but the welfare of the children. That is why the absence of children is a sign that one is in the last reincarnation. In other lives, they are already present and taught what needed to be learned.

Detachment from money

Evolved souls follow the maxim of not working for money. They value well-being above their means because they know it is fleeting. Someone who is in his last reincarnation will never live to work, nor will he dedicate himself to an activity that he does not like just because he has a good remuneration. They know that money is just a tiny part of life.

Dedication to prayer

Regardless of the religion, the person who is in his last reincarnation is dedicated to prayers. It is not a matter of mechanically following religious doctrines, but of true love and connection to divinity. In the last reincarnation, the person knows how he is connected to the whole, to the divine, to the eternal. That is why praying becomes so natural, as she knows how powerful and beneficial it is to strengthen this spiritual connection.

Absence of ego

Whoever has no ego is the complete opposite of a narcissist. Narcissists are those who believe that they can do everything, that they know everything, that they are everything, that they achieve everything. Whoever has no ego is one who does, who is, who learns, who succeeds, but who does not think of himself as better than anyone else. The real absence of ego is extremely rare, so it is one of the clearest signs that one is in the last reincarnation. It cannot be confused with a disconnection from the material world, as this is also a form of desire - the desire to be sanctified and superior. The real absence of ego is to put oneself in the function of others and of the whole, not of itself.

Humanitarian actions

The dedication and compassion required to practice humanitarian actions are rare qualities and a strong sign that the person is at a higher stage of his spiritual evolution. Abandoning one’s own safety and well-being to help other lives with which one is unfamiliar shows that the person already sees himself as part of a whole and that it is necessary to dedicate himself to the whole, simply because all living beings are also worthy of our love and care. The evolved souls take real pleasure in embarking on these important humanitarian actions, with no interest but to help their brothers.


Crisis of the 20s, 30s, middle age, old age ... All this is far from who is in the last reincarnation. The person does not feel like he is wasting his life or that he needs to reach some other age to fulfill his goals. She feels full and at ease with life, no matter what age she is living. Natural anxieties and concerns for other people in the same age group do not affect you. They seem wise, albeit very young because they have the calmness of those who know they are doing the right thing.


Mercy is the union of love and forgiveness. It is very difficult for those who have not yet reached the final stage of evolution to really forgive those who have offended us. Even if the wrong was done is tolerated, there is always something that has changed, one does not return to love the person in the same way. For those in the last reincarnation, however, love is more important than anything. As this is the last step in this plan, the person does not allow any hurt to tarnish his existence. She considers that everyone around her is worthy of mercy.

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