Signs That He Is Cheating On You According To His Zodiac Sign

Signs That He Is Cheating On You According To His Zodiac Sign

You may think that you have found that someone so special - the one who makes your heart beat faster. But does he or she feel the same for you? Could you tell if the person you are interested in does not feel the same adoration even if he proclaims it or avoids talking about it?

Follow the steps below to get wise advice on how each zodiac sign acts when it simply does not really love you anymore.

Aries HoroscopeAries:

Aries individuals cannot lie convincingly, and may not find a way to cover the truth. What you see is what is available. You will know that an Aries wants everything with you when he is on top of you. If you are not interested, you will not hear a word from them - anything, nothing. It can be a bitter drink but at least you know where you are standing.

Taurus HoroscopeTaurus:

He or she used to buy flowers, chocolates, and the best quality perfume - not anymore. Your Taurus lover may take you to dinner, but you can not help but see that her eyes follow the movements of another person, and she is not paying attention to what you say. Those long and sensual kisses can turn into a quick lack of passion. These are signs that he or she is deviating!

Gemini HoroscopeGemini:

Although he or she has many friends, your lover used to separate you and have a conversation of two; which always made you feel special. This is not the case now. Gemini can have formidable intellects and adoration for word games, but they can also be very good in bed. If he or she is losing interest in you, you will find millions of excuses not to spend time with you. The lack of sexual interest says it all.


Trying to get a direct response from a Cancerian can be difficult; even in the best of moments. If he or she laughs, you caress a lot and you are romantic / you are in a good situation. But if he or she begins to sulk or express shameful emotions frequently and acts as an emotional martyr around you, it will not be long before the truth comes out.


Leo loves to be magnanimous at the right times, and even if your Leo lover has lost interest in you, he or she may continue to bring you gifts, though not as expensive as they once were. Eventually, he or she will have to tell you the truth and will try to make you feel good while you are disappointed.


If your Virgo lover is losing interest, the first sign of this would be that he or she seems to get sick more than usual. Your romantic dates could be ruined due to headaches or indigestion. From there, it is almost certain that it only gets worse. You will get so tired of this that you will be the one that probably ends the relationship.


It is very difficult to get a Libra to tell you when everything has come to an end. You may not even notice that something is wrong. He seems to treat you in the same way and is as cute as ever; however, if you are intelligent you will be able to detect a subtle change in your words. He keeps hugging you and kissing you, and suddenly, one day you see him on the street with someone else. Watch out!


Be careful with the Scorpion lover, since he or she can try to make everything look like it was your fault even though it’s blatantly yours. When he or she was in love, all he wanted was to devour you. Once lost love, a Scorpion can lose its flavor, or sexual appetite too - that’s his personality. If you notice that your sense of humor becomes darker and more raw - cut yourself first!


Sagittarians cannot keep their mouths shut and do not have much tact or discretion. There is very little chance that your Sagittarius lover will be able to hide something from you - even the fact that you no longer feel like it. I could even make a joke about the situation, only to add insult to the offense. There are definitely more fish in the sea.


Capricorn has a sense of duty that extends to their relationships. They are able to maintain the relationship long after the initial attraction disappears and continue to play their role. Although he does not say anything, he will spend more time in meetings and business trips. You will know that something is missing - it’s really him or her!


If you are in a loving relationship with an Aquarius, they must have been best friends before. Because of friendship, he or she feels entitled to tell you everything, including the fact that he or she has fallen in love with someone else. Little by little, their behavior can become increasingly strange and distant. It is better to find someone with a heart!


Of all the signs, Pisces may be the ones who find it more difficult to say that the relationship is over. They feel so guilty and they certainly do not want to hurt you. They are also able to tell a lot of pious lies to cover their backs and stay on good terms. Eventually, the lie will come to light. Sometimes it is necessary to be cruel to be kind. Sniff!

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