Scorpio Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Scorpio Temperament And Characteristics -  2023

Scorpio is a sign of love and death, strongly influencing others. The Sign of Water is feminine, constant, violent, nocturnal, silent, dodgy, prolific. Motto: “A song of love on the battlefield.” Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is influenced by Pluto, the newest of the planets. Scorpio’s water is stagnant, in contrast to the water of Pisces (ocean), Cancer (spring).

Scorpio has a bad reputation. He is associated with the eighth house - the house of death, forgetting that the whole house is wealth, inheritance, and blessings. Volatile or permanent, Scorpio has tremendous resilience and how the Phoenix can resurrect.

Two qualities of Mars dominate over Scorpio: eroticism and aggressiveness. This type lives in full force with alternating successes with failures. Dry and sultry Mars gives Scorpio stubbornness and temper, he has warlike qualities. Scorpio has dangerous energy, like Aries.

Scorpio is the duality of love and death, energy, drama, passion, mystery, individualism, rebellion.

Pluto symbolizes the depths of the soul, a devilish image.

Scorpio is determined by hidden animal power and asserts itself confidently and implicitly. This is manifested in inviolability and disorder, restraint of life’s aspirations, internal conflicts, leads to suffocation and neurosis (ruthless Pluto reveals the deep meaning of existence). Imperious, violent, instinctive character, indefatigable, even if the fire is hidden under the guise of infantility.

Scorpio carries strong passions, dormant, but not dying. This character does not change. Satisfied with himself, in spite of external changes. He knows what he wants. The essence of his nature is determination. The taste for life is tireless. Rebellion under any coercion, rebellious to anarchism, if they contradict him. Maverick, despising public opinion and customs. Born under an inharmonious sky. His decisions are irrevocable. Armed for life, he knows how to defend himself, but is afraid to attack, thanks to his strong will and perseverance.

The influence of Scorpio on other signs is great. He penetrates the souls of others at a glance: he himself is incredulous, the secret is impenetrable and inaccessible. He does not seek to captivate, but has a strong and demanding sensitivity. The fulfillment of sensory desires mysteriously liberates, calms and exalts him.

Not a talker and not expansive. Scorpio is hardworking, aggression is the most destructive and prolific sign.

Scorpio women are wonderful cooks, in the physical sense - of medium height, dense, p. strong limbs, with a tight face and enormous capacity for work. Generally active, proud, restrained, demanding, curious, irritable, stormy, thoughtful. Researchers and observers are envious, ironic, and controversial. They are easily excited, capable of kindness, prone to magnetism and strong sexuality; reformists, sometimes clairvoyants, are able to moderate their chimerical plans and constructively use their will. They love the fight, never lose heart, overcoming difficulties. They have many children. Among them, you can find the type of “fatal” woman.

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