Scorpio Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Scorpio Health Problems and Precautions - 2023

Scorpio’s health is entirely in his power. He can both destroy himself with sorrowful and evil thoughts and neglect of danger, and heal by collecting a strong will together. The vitality of Scorpio, granted to him from birth, is huge.

Scorpios rarely get sick, but if they get sick, the disease goes away in a serious form. Scorpions often have pain: nose (chronic bleeding), throat, heart, back, legs. Frequent diseases of the circulatory system and varicose veins.

Because of contempt for danger, there are many accidents; Scorpions should be wary of fires, explosions, etc.

The life energy of Scorpions is so great that at his birth additional forces (energy) are required to ensure his birth (his birth is accompanied by the death of one of his relatives a year before or a year after his birth). And vice versa, when Scorpio leaves for another, released energy, there is so much that it is enough for the life of a new creature (the death of Scorpio leads to the appearance of a newborn in the family a year before the sad event or a year after it).

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