Scorpio Food Diet, Vitamins and Nutrition - 2023

Scorpio Food Diet, Vitamins and Nutrition - 2023

Scorpio loves to eat deliciously, forgetting that in food and in drinks he needs moderation. Beef liver, poultry meat, fish and seafood, cereals, turnips, garlic, sage, rosemary, nettle juice, milk, fruit yogurts, cherries, gooseberries, dogwoods are useful here. Of the above, beef liver, which is a rich source of vitamin A, is an especially valuable product for Scorpio. It helps to normalize the processes of blood formation and blood circulation. Nettle also affects the process of hematopoiesis, but in addition, it stimulates the digestive system and has choleretic and diuretic properties.

The leaves of the nettle, applied externally, treat rheumatism and contribute to a rush of blood to the sore spots.

Various seafood not only replenish the body’s phosphorus reserves, but also regulate the salt balance. Spicy and salty dishes, as well as strong alcoholic drinks, it is better for Scorpios to completely exclude them from their diet.

Vitamins necessary for Scorpio - A, C, E.

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