Scorpio Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Best And Worst Compatible Signs

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Best And Worst Compatible Signs

Scorpio is the Pandora box of the Zodiac. Scorpios are magnetic, and those who deal with them know very well the sensation of diving into a sea of ​​intense loves, strong passions, great jealousy and a tide of anguish. They know how to deal with our emotions in every way, and with that, we can deduce that not all signs have the talent to appreciate and value everything that this sign has to offer.

Scorpio with Taurus

Yes, opposites are attracted. As much as both of them go crazy due to the personality of others, at the same time they cannot let go, it is as if there was a magnet between the two. While one surrenders to passions with all his strength, the other, on the other hand, treats love more rationally and down to earth. This combination is simply a mixture of balance, and the two have much to gain if they are mature enough to manage differences.

Scorpio with Cancer

This combination is wonderful, as both are of the same element. Aquatic signs are sensitive and intuitive, so they will be able to feel when something is not right, even without the words. Which is quite useful, since Scorpios are in the habit of hiding their feelings. Another positive point is that, while one bets on confrontation, the other is comfort, that is, the Cancerian is the right person to calm all conflicts involving the Scorpio.

Scorpio with Pisces

Both signs have a foot in paradise. Both Scorpio and Pisces expect something beyond life, a love so intense that it surpasses all the Platonic loves they have nourished throughout life. And by pursuing the same thing, the same dream, they are able to transform life into a true fairy tale.

Of course, all signs can be good companions for the Scorpio, but there is no denying it: Pisces, Cancer and Taurus really have the power to awaken the best in them! And in case you’re reading this and starting to despair because you don’t think it suits the magic boy, calm down! You have many qualities, and for a relationship to work out, it is clear that the love between the two is the main thing. Besides, maybe you don’t have one of these signs on your birth chart, do you? Follow the Scorpio’s lifestyle and indulge your passion!

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