Saturn's Power For Each Zodiac Sign

Saturn's Power For Each Zodiac Sign

The planet Saturn takes around 28 years to make a complete turn around the Sun and also pass through the energy of the 12 signs of the zodiac. In a way, it is feared by some people and is reputed to be a planet that brings difficulties and obstacles when it comes back to the point on the birth chart where it was at the time of its birth - it is the so-called “Saturn return.”

The truth is that no planet is bad or good by nature; they represent energies. And what can happen is that the energies that Saturn brings may or may not be in line with your current energy. Regent of the sign of Capricorn, Saturn represents disciplinary energy, of responsibility and maturity. Thus, when he returns for the first time to the person’s life, at around 28 years of age, it indicates the moment to take on the responsibilities of adult life once and for all. Therefore, if the person is not balanced with energies for this purpose, he can feel the imbalance in his life - and Saturn will arrive to put the order in everything.

This first sensation of Saturn’s arrival is felt between 28 and 30 years of age. On the other hand, his second passage takes place between the ages of 58 and 60 and brings a moment of reflection on the responsibilities that the person has assumed throughout his life and whether it is time to change them or not. Finally, Saturn’s third return may take place after the age of 86, indicating a moment of wisdom for those who have gone through the experience of a lifetime.

Saturn’s energies can manifest themselves in different ways according to the sign-in on each person’s map. Check below the characteristics of the positioning of this planet in each of the signs concerning which is the main challenge of each one of them:

Saturn in Aries

Motivation and self-confidence are the main challenges you must overcome in life. Often you fail to act because you feel insecure, and that is precisely what Saturn will come to charge you with: the manifestation of your self-esteem.

Saturn in Taurus

It would help if you learned to be calm and patient. And that tranquility is related to the way you deal with material goods. Learn to deal with them in a balanced way, without much attachment or detachment, and Saturn will show that you have matured into adulthood.

Saturn in Gemini

Expressing yourself in the best possible way can be difficult for you. Therefore, working with creativity in communication and the ability to use words will bring Saturn’s maturity to your life.

Saturn in Cancer

It may seem challenging to find a place where you really feel good and can call home. Learn to deal with your emotions as these feelings of belonging and emotional balance will arrive with Saturn’s return.

Saturn in Leo

Sometimes you may feel forced to take the lead and put yourself in situations where you expose yourself against your will. But these are the situations that Saturn brings you to grow as a person. So don’t run away from them and learn to expose yourself essentially.

Saturn in Virgo

A job well done is a perfect job. This is an idea that can disturb the head of those who have Saturn in the sign of Virgo. You can overcome self-charge with patience and determination and do your job thoroughly and accurately as Saturn wants to teach you.

Saturn to Libra

You may feel very uncomfortable in situations that leave you indecisive. But you have to learn to see all sides of the story to make wise decisions. And Saturn will insist on these situations for this wisdom to reach his adult life.

Saturn in Scorpio

Dealing with emotions can be difficult for you and sometimes even arouse destructive feelings. But when you learn to master them, the power over life itself will be exalted by Saturn’s return.

Saturn in Sagittarius

You may be ashamed or demotivated to expose your ideas and worldviews to people. But Saturn will show you that this is a skill that must be used for maturity itself.

Saturn in Capricorn

You will often feel that the world is weighed down on your back. And Saturn will return to show you that this kind of responsibility is only charged to those who can make that commitment.

Saturn in Aquarius

The feeling of sadness that comes when you realize that the world is a place full of problems can leave you depressed and hopeless in humanity. But Saturn shows that you are capable of changing that reality. So, change what you think should be changed.

Saturn in Pisces

Fighting with your feelings won’t get you anywhere. And so the lesson to be learned is that your emotional sensitivity can be used for your good and the good of everyone around you. And Saturn will confirm this on his return.

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