How Will Saturn In Capricorn Affect Me?

How Will Saturn In Capricorn Affect Me?

Saturn is known as the planet of challenges, it puts some obstacles in the way for you to learn how it should go and brings the maturity that we need so much. From December 2017 to 2020, Saturn will be passing through Capricorn, the worker sign . What does this all mean? Find out below!

Extra attention in professional life

This moment will make you wonder about the choice of your profession. Questions like “Did I choose the right college?”, “Does this profession really have to do with me?” will torment your head. Big dilemmas are coming and you will need to face reality in order not to compromise further in the future. But take it easy, even if you discover that the path you have chosen is not really the one you want for your life, you have plenty of time to explore other paths.

Respect first

Whether in personal, professional or emotional life, everyone will work hard to be even more respected and earn their place in the world. Although this transition makes you think that you don’t want to be left behind by anyone, you will also be more willing to recognize and respect the efforts of others.

It’s time to throw away what doesn’t fit and rebuild what is necessary

You can’t wait for things to fall from the sky, this is not the time for that. It is time to throw away what no longer serves, to think about what can be improved and to reconstruct everything that is shaken. Our inner world is our temple, we need to take good care of it. If you’re not ready, or if you can’t handle it yourself, this is the time to get help.

Your weaknesses will be revealed

Of course, we must focus on our qualities, but the weaknesses cannot stay there forever. With the challenges on the way, Saturn will test you, you will realize that you are not as unshakable as you thought and that you need to mature certain areas of your life.

You will feel like controlling others

This is already clear. In almost all controversial posts, there is always someone who wants to give an opinion on someone else’s life, change someone else’s life, or worse: control someone else’s life. This is something that also needs to be matured at this point. Over time, you will see that trying to control the lives of others only brings frustration, sadness and keeps away who could be a good company.

More organization, please

During this transition, you will want to dispense with frivolity. You need to restore order to your life. This can influence both your internal life, your social or professional life, or even your office. Take advantage of this transition to put everything in order, since there is finally the disposition for it.

Fear will be high

You will be afraid of losing everything, of not being able to achieve what you want, but remember that this is not all bad. You are not your fear, so use that energy as a motivation to go even further.

Focus on quality, not quantity

It is not time for multitasking. Instead of committing to a thousand tasks at the same time, you will do one at a time with great regard for the quality of your work. Organize your time, that both quantity and quality may be possible!

Extra advice

Remember: the fastest route is not always the right one. Saturn is known as the karmic planet and when it joins the most strenuous sign of the zodiac, this combination brings us the warning that we need to plant our seeds, take good care of our garden, not envy anyone’s grass, and, finally, harvest our fruits. It is better to be patient, work hard and ensure a good harvest than to harvest a crop in record time, but doomed to rot.

By 2020, if we follow Saturn’s proposal, great professional, material and personal gains will be on the way. Remember that the secret is simply to take care of your garden and mature your skills to deal with any pests that may come your way!

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