Saturn In 2nd House: What Happens To Your Money? Virtues And Defects, Risks And Benefits Of This Astrological Position

Saturn In 2nd House: What Happens To Your Money? Virtues And Defects, Risks And Benefits Of This Astrological Position

Today we are going to study a curious astrological position: Saturn in 2nd House.

These people are usually recognized with some ease if we know a little about their life or what they work on.

And if it is you who has Saturn in the House of Taurus, pay attention to what is coming.

(If you have Saturn in Taurus it will also work for you but it won’t be as specific to you)

Let’s start with the questions that we are going to ask ourselves and try to solve in this article.

How does the person with Saturn in 2nd House behave?

How do you live, what things affect you the most, what matters to you?

What to do to grow and put Saturn at the service of the Being?

Let’s go there!

The most important thing: Money

There are people who as soon as you spend a little time with them, or go out with them for a drink, you realize that something is wrong with their money.

Money is important, yes. It helps us to eat, to buy, to pay bills, etc., but some seem to pass everything through the filter of money.

Everything is money for them…
Or they look at everything in terms of “money”.

The first thought they have when buying something is the price. It is the star parameter. If it gives them pleasure, enjoyment, if it is of quality, etc, that comes later. What’s more, if it’s expensive they won’t enjoy it because it cost them a living.

There are people who have assets and savings, and others not so much, so it is normal that looking at the price of things is something to consider, but the nuance is that your status in bank accounts does not matter if you have Saturn in 2nd house, cheap always tastes better.

But we have just started the post and introduced ourselves to the world of these people, now we will see it more clearly…

Do you remember Uncle Scrooge?

Do you remember Uncle Scrooge?

If we knew your Natal Chart, you could well have Saturn in 2nd House

How much will Uncle Scrooge’s fortune be ?

Clinging to money and always wanting more and more is something characteristic of these people.

We can talk about avarice or greed —it is not always like that—, but what is evident is that the more they have, the better. (Be careful, later we will see that there are people who, even though they have this need to have, do not have it!)

And it is that those who had wealth and abundance in their childhood do not want to lose those privileges.

And those who went through economic shortcomings do not want to experience them again.

These 2 profiles we meet often. Regardless of situation A or situation B, the almost unconscious urge to own and save money is there.


This clinging usually leads to problems precisely with money!

Imagine having money in your hands and squeezing and squeezing it with all your might… You suffocate him. Poor money that can’t breathe… In the end, money, which has life (like everything else), suffers and doesn’t circulate as it should in the lives of those who squeeze it.

“The money? Makes me sick”

Surely you have also heard – in one way or another – this somewhat coarse expression.

And it is that if there are Saturns in House 2 who love money, there are Saturns in House 2 who hate it!

They consider money as something bad, ugly, dirty, disgusting.

And they put in it all the evils of this society: that if the world is as it is because of economic selfishness, that if they pay you interest according to your fortune, etc.

We return to the same thing, they may be partially right, of course, the important thing as psychological and transpersonal Astrologers is to realize that this is the main paradigm that moves their lives, the pattern that sustains their way of thinking.

The Planets in the Natal Chart give away the beliefs that we continually hold, and this is a revealing discovery when you look at it.

Who thinks that money = bad, you can already imagine what is going to happen in your life with respect to money…

Other people do not go to this extreme of hating money but they do avoid it in some way.

They underestimate it, they do not give it importance, etc., as it is better not to deal with money issues because it makes them uncomfortable.

Consequence: they neglect their economy and the material area of their lives.

Shall we continue?

Work and work with a view to the future…

Let’s see another typical profile of this Saturn.

In consultation I have met these other people who are always thinking about work. Work and work. For what? Guess… To earn money!

Have money. This is the mantra. Have money.

One part may be to live well, but another of course to keep it in the drawer.

(Yes, I said in the drawer. To store money there are not only bank accounts, but also drawers, mattresses and other absolutely unsuspected places that only Saturn in 2nd house experts know… )

Saving gives them security, and we could say that it is their pleasure .

I remember that woman who did not see with good eyes the cost of carrying out an astrological therapy, and it turns out that she owned more than 10 houses that she rented! Yes, she had Saturn in the 2nd House .

Well, these people are often hard workers.

That of the vocation, of the purpose of life, of fulfilling yourself by putting your talents at the service of humanity… it seems that it is far away

For them, to fulfill themselves is to work and earn money. Point. And for that you have to sweat.

Nonsense those of “work on what you are passionate about.”

(I put a humorous tone to detect the nuances of this feature well. In Astrology it is important to distinguish. Each astrological position has its smell, its color, its unique characteristic, which will be combined with other positions of the Natal Chart and will finally conform to person)

“There is going to be a crisis”

We are always in times of crisis for Saturn in 2nd House.

“Life is very bad.”

“Everything is very expensive.”

“And well, the one that awaits us with the failure of the banks, inflation, and such… ugh!”

“So the best thing is to be well prepared and have enough money.”

Does it ring a bell?

This is the internal and external dialogue of these people.

(Isn’t it true that seeing our thoughts like this, raw, sounds bad? Well, we all have these internal dialogues! So let’s just smile )

Problems, fear of loss, insecurity…

I think it is easy to deduce after all the above that with these attitudes and behaviors with money, the economic issue does not flow well in their lives.

They often don’t have money as their Argentine colleagues would say, or rather, they never have enough .

There is great fear of not having.

Or even more, fear of losing what they have .

And then they can lead an 

austere life

 . Spend what is fair.

Yes, say it, stingy.

But beware, many can have a lot of money! But austerity can.

(I have some neighbors, a married man and a woman, who would put their hands in the fire because they have Saturn in 2nd House. Both of them! Land owned at close range, safes full of bills, and they don’t spend a dime)

It’s like there’s an underlying insecurity that makes them act like that.

As if they could suddenly lose everything. That threat exists. And it grips them day and night.

Living like this is hard, there is suffering even if it is very well concealed, so you can imagine that something should be done to live in a more relaxed way.

The fact of realizing all this, of how they think and act, already makes it possible for them to flip the switch and change their reality. That is why learning Astrology allows us to help ourselves and help so many people and change lives. Showing someone their Natal Chart frees them from their unconscious conditioning.

The much you have, the much you worth

There’s still more!

I have also seen this way of thinking.

Vouchers based on the amount of goods you own.

If you have little money, you are not interesting.

If you have a lot of money, I look at you differently, I value you, you are important.

It sounds ugly again, true, and although it sounds judgmental (well, it is), let’s not judge it. They are patterns that are installed in our minds from a very young age, either because we have seen them in dad, mom, in society, etc.

The inner work to flow with money

The inner work to flow with money

Now that we have discovered what people with Saturn in 2nd House are like and how they live, what can they do so that money is not a stone in their shoe?

On occasion, a therapeutic process is convenient.

Dismantling its mechanism is not as easy as “Watch what you do. And now, change and buy yourself a treat and some cakes every week at the bakery.

Keep in mind that Saturn rules Capricorn, and House 2 is associated with Taurus. It’s like there’s a lot of Earth, and it’s hard for the Earth to move.

Something like Saturn “fixes” on House 2, it stays stuck, and it is not easy to detach it from there.

What is clear is that you must be aware of the value of money .

That is, what is the money for ?

Money in a drawer, what is it for? They will say, “in case I need it in the future.” Sure but the future is not here. And while?

In short, a therapeutic dialogue arises naturally.

Because in the end, in a Saturn in 2nd House you have to delve into how you understand life, what life is for you, what you value, etc.

The dialogues that can arise related to 2nd House (a House, by the way, that in my opinion is not fully understood in astrological literature) are great.

Those who have Saturn in the House of Taurus must confront their way of managing money and see if they live relaxed and happy in this way. And from there, modify certain actions and take on new habits.

That that money smells bad should change it from the root, and other phrases recorded in fire.

When you earn money, how will you feel if you think what you think about money?

Owning is not bad, spending is not bad, buying is not bad, being rich is not bad (I said it! Being rich, having wealth. And be careful not to fall into ideologies and political approaches that implant us and make us our own when they are not ours. The first thing in Personal Development is to get away from the noise)

And wealth is not about having money and the more money the better, no! But if we mistreat money because we consider it something dirty, there is no wealth in the rest of the levels. Taurus comes before Gemini, and Cancer, and… Pisces for a reason.

The irreplaceable ability of a Saturn in 2nd House

Let’s put an end to some of the wonderful potentialities of this Saturn, when there are no longer mental conditionings that make him act or look at others in a certain way.

With Saturn in 2nd House we are true administrators.

Handling material goods is one of the most normal things in the world, and far from being attached to them (the fruit of inner work!), they appreciate it in the right measure.

And to appreciate it in the right measure is to savor it when they have it, and if they can no longer enjoy it, they abandon it. (Right, Scorpio, the opposite sign, appears here!)

Saturn in 2nd House is the expert who controls money and distributes it.

Control. Beautiful word that is sometimes misunderstood. Control is knowing what you have. Behind the word control there is no fear, there is no fear. Control is control.

And we go to the second part of the sentence: it controls the money and distributes it. Directs it here or there. That is, it makes it useful. Wonderful! It makes it useful.

This is the virtue, the beautiful virtue of Saturn in 2nd House, the talent of people with this position: they are capable of making things useful .

It’s like they bring things to life. They put things at the service of life.

Having said that, I think we can no longer say when we see a Natal Chart with this Saturn that “Wow, we have a cheapskate here” but an individual with an extraordinary quality and that perhaps he has not yet discovered.

But as always, between one place and the other there is a path, a path of Personal Development, which is pleasant and beneficial for oneself, for one’s immediate environment, and for humanity.

Your turn!

Do you have Saturn in the 2nd House?

Do you know someone with this position?

Do you identify any of these signs in these people?

Open comment space!

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