Sagittarius Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Sagittarius Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

They can be people of a clear mind, decisive, who often can have a good audience. They may be discouraged and high-spirited, great and noble, or simply egomaniac.

Two extremes can coexist and are not necessarily dissonant. Often reformists: a nostalgic person lives in a reformer rebel, and an adventurer dreams in an exemplary citizen, But negative and positive, active or passive - all worry about the situation in society, want to make an impression, and so that this impression remains for a long time, preferably in the form contribution to humanity. Craving to leave their mark on the earth. More than anyone, a centaur man longs to be a perfect person, often reaches his or her own in more mature years, sometimes not earlier than 60 years, when feelings call for a change of places and people, when the curiosity of discoverers becomes dangerous.

Adult Sagittarius is a mature, completed sign, women often achieve a certain growth - physical, social, mental.

They may resemble Amazons, striving to be equal or superior to men in archery. A famous Sagittarius woman who has amputated both breasts for the sake of being able to enter the Tibetan monastery and write a sensational article about the life of the monks.

Many lesbians were born under the sign of Sagittarius. As an expression of this character, the taste for clothes for women varies from tweed suits, well-tailored sports trousers and jackets and carefully styled short haircuts to smart grand dresses in grand style, real ladies who love beautiful furs, high stylish hairstyles and expensive jewelry. Regardless of direction, they prefer quality.

The same applies to men. Athletes love imported sweaters and scarves, impeccably tailored breeches, but they can also have the smart look of a diplomat or an honorable aging statesman.

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