Sagittarius Professions and Business Guide - 2023

Sagittarius Professions and Business Guide - 2023

In youth, they mark very high, sometimes they overestimate their capabilities. Routine and mediocrity are not for them, they like to play a role, preferably an important, substantial, character is best manifested in leadership positions. They do not like too hard work, although they usually hold on to what they have chosen, give themselves up with enthusiasm and generosity.

They work better in a team than alone. Pioneering spirit of collectivism. The authorities are treated either with respect or openly rebel against him. A wide field of activity has been opened for them - from horse breeding to hunting expeditions, the road to the clergy, astronomy is open, they are good at woodwork.

They can be great athletes, gymnasts, jockey hunters, racers and race organizers, carpenters, cooks, hotel owners, salespeople, translators, politicians, reporters, researchers, botanists, missionaries, doctors, chemists, engineers, casino owners, lawyers, judges, priests , public figures.

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They are not very good at making money, because they can be either too impartial and independent, or too secure in matters of money. They can fall into colossal bands of bad luck, and nevertheless often these are inveterate cheaters and speculators. A huge need for comfort. Many believe that they simply spend their lives earning a living.

Among Sagittarius, “hired partners” and women in content are much more common.

Women can compete in work, in promotion with men.

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