Sagittarius Food Diet, Vitamins and Nutrition - 2023

Sagittarius Food Diet, Vitamins and Nutrition - 2023

Sagittarius is often prone to overweight, and they should pay special attention to their diet. In addition, plentiful and satisfying food can lead to liver diseases and disrupt the metabolism in the body. As a preventative measure, Sagittarius is recommended to take activated charcoal before dinner or lunch and eat 5-6 walnuts daily.

Fatty food is completely contraindicated to representatives of this zodiac sign. They should include legumes (peas, beans), lots of greens (such as parsley and celery), fresh and baked milk in the menu. Of vegetables and fruits, Sagittarius will suit asparagus, radish, raw cabbage, strawberries and pears. Of meat products - calf liver. Leaves and parsley root regulate digestion and are a source of vitamins, so almost all hot dishes and soups can be sprinkled with fresh parsley. In addition, aromatic herbs such as marjoram, sage, mint and basil can be used in cooking. The mineral water that Sagittarius drinks should contain potassium. He will also benefit from herbal teas, especially from the leaves of strawberries and strawberries. But sugar consumption is best reduced to a minimum.


Sea fish, seaweed, chicken eggs. Vegetables: carrots, beets, tomatoes. Plums, grapes.


Meat, liver, white fish, chicken eggs. Rye bread. Vegetables: carrots, beets, cabbage. Parsley, garlic. Dried fruits, apples, watermelon, dark honey.


Chicken eggs, bird. Sweet pepper, onion. Rye bread. Honey.

Vitamins necessary for Sagittarius - A, C, E.

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