Sagittarius Persons And Relationships: The Most Philosophical Sign

Sagittarius Persons And Relationships: The Most Philosophical Sign

In the ninth article in the series on signs and relationships, I write about Sagittarius, the Centaur.

Sagittarius finds pleasure and meaning on the path, not the destination. Therefore, it is good that living with you is dynamic and aggrandizing. Otherwise, Centaur will look for another road to travel. We are in the domain of the fire element. Therefore, a dose of passion is welcome. However, it is necessary to teach Sagittarius that afterward comes the lull of love because they do not understand that well.


These natives need purpose and meaning, so be prepared for many philosophical dialogues and moral lessons - they are the holders of the truth, you know? His mind is in search of transcending the most primitive instincts and reaching the most refined intellect. This goes through the law, philosophy, and religion, in short, by the rules of ethics and morals created by men and, of course, by Sagittarians ( at).


But your good humor and ability to see the good side of life will enchant you and make everything come out. After all, who doesn’t like a good adventure (yes, Capricorn, we know you hate it)? Parties, travel, and social excitement are the territory of Sagittarius. You better be someone given to happy hours and get-togethers.


At work, lack of flexibility frightens any Centaur, while possibilities for interrelationships, doing justice, or moving to attract them a lot! If you want to keep your Sagittarius talented, give him/her assisted freedom , allow him/her to express his/her ideas, accept the jokes, and that’s it, your chances of retaining the talent increase. It’s not guaranteed. A fire sign is changeable and, well, it changes when it wants to, you know? But they like what’s good, so all of that, coupled with a payment that gives them the freedom to travel and shop, usually works.

The Sagittarius boss is idealistic and impulsive, so it is up to those who work with him, like, to give him limits and operationalize his very ambitious dreams. They need someone capable of dealing with the tedious tasks and problems of everyday life, as it drives them crazy. After all, it shows how the world is and not how they think it should be.


Ineffective relationships need space and freedom. This includes going out alone with friends, trips without you, and moments of brief loneliness. Understand that they are episodic and get to know the world together, but sometimes he (she) will want to do this alone or just with friends. It is a more substantial need than anything: it is freedom. Understand this word and your Centaur will be by your side, passionately and discovering the meaning of life every day. Will you deny such a blessing !? And more: with good humor, after all, the secret of happiness is held by Sagittarius. What else do you want from life? Nothing, right?

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