What Are The Zodiac Signs Ruling Planets?

What Are The Zodiac Signs Ruling Planets?

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. This rule means that each sign is guided by the forces of a planet in the solar system capable of assigning specific characteristics to each of them. Check out your ruling planet:

Aries Ruling Planet

Guided by Planet Mars, which in Greek mythology represents the god of war. Because of this, the Aryans are warriors and impulsives, facing the difficulties and tasks always in full. Aryans pursue their goals with confidence, dynamism and without fear. They are defenders of themselves, but they also know how to attack when necessary.

Taurus Ruling Planet

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. The planet Venus represents the goddess of love, which makes Taureans passionate, beautiful and loving people. The regency brings a tendency to art and appreciation and a great care for their personal resources.

Gemini Ruling Planet

With regency in Mercury, Gemini are guided by the god of communication. As such, they live between the world of gods and men, a characteristic manifested in their intellect and intuition.

Cancer Ruling Planet

Cancerians are sensitive and care about others, such behavior is due to the rulership of the moon, which brings sensitivity but sometimes instability and confusion of emotions.

Leo Ruling Planet

Leos are usually more controlling and rational. Regency in the Sun, which in Greek mythology represents reason, makes Leo people well-resolved with their moods and determined about their goals.

Virgo Ruling Planet

Virgo is the second sign ruled by Mercury. As quoted, the planet influences communication, observation and the power of the word. In addition, the planet makes virgo organized and practical people.

Libra Ruling Planet

Ruled by the planet Venus, the sign is characterized by elegance and refinement. Librans are balanced and detailed people, placing great value on aesthetics and perfection.

Scorpio Ruling Planet

Pluto rules this sign. Scorpios are seductive and very confident people, they are able and competent in their activities proposing changes and adaptations to be able to perform them well.

Sagittarius Ruling Planet

The sign of Sagittarius is governed by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarians are optimistic and fair, like new discoveries, and know how to deal with complex problems by always placing a high value on human ethics.

Capricorn Ruling Planet

Capricorns seek stability and security in all areas of their lives. This is due to the rulership of Saturn, the planet that connects us with reality and makes these people very determined and enlightened.

Aquarius Ruling Planet

Aquarians are individuals of revolution, they like change and innovation. The planet Uranus, which rules the sign, explains this behavior by being the only planet in the Solar System that rotates in the opposite direction to others.

Pisces Ruling Planet

Regency on Neptune, the Pisces is as calm and deep as the waters of the sea. They like to dream and take the path consciously so that their dreams come true. They are imaginative and creative and can sometimes escape their real goals.

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