Psalm 49 Meaning - Verse by Verse Explanation from Bible

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Psalm 49-1

Hear this, all peoples;
listen, all the inhabitants of the world,

Psalm 49-2

Commoners and nobles alike,
rich and poor together.

Psalm 49-3

My mouth will speak wisdom,
and the thought of my heart understanding.

Psalm 49-4

I will incline my ear to a proverb;
I will declare my enigma with the harp.

Psalm 49-5

Why should I fear in days of adversity,
when the iniquity of my persecutors surrounds me?

Psalm 49-6

Those who trust in their wealth
and wealth boast,

Psalm 49-7

None of them will be able, in any way, to redeem their brother
or pay God his ransom

Psalm 49-8

(because the redemption of your soul is so expensive
and will never be done)

Psalm 49-9

nor live forever,
never seeing the grave.

Psalm 49-10

For he sees that the wise die just
as the fool and the fool perish,
and leave their wealth to others.

Psalm 49-11

Their inmost thought is that their houses will last forever,
and their dwellings for generation after generation;
they give their lands their names.

Psalm 49-12

But man will not remain in honor;
It’s similar to the beasts that perish.

Psalm 49-13

This their way is their folly;
yet his descendants take pleasure in their saying. Selah

Psalm 49-14

Like flocks destined for hell,
death will herd them,
and the upright will rule them in the morning.
And his good looks will be consumed in Sheol, far from his home.

Psalm 49-15

But God will redeem my soul from the power of Sheol,
because he will receive me. Selah

Psalm 49-16

Do not be afraid when someone becomes rich,
when the glory of his house increases,

Psalm 49-17

For when he dies he will bear nothing,
nor will his glory descend after him.

Psalm 49-18

Though as long as he lives, he calls his soul blessed,
and is praised because he prospers,

Psalm 49-19

will enter the generation of his parents,
who will never see the light again.

Psalm 49-20

A man who enjoys honor and does not understand
is like the beasts that perish.

Psalm 49 Meaning

The meaning of Psalm 49 is very interesting, it tells us about wealth. In it we can see ironic details narrated such as that no matter how rich one is, in the end they will end up dead like any poor person. It refers to the fact that the rich man may believe (subjectively) that he will be immortal, when the end will come for all.

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