Psalm 45 Meaning - Verse by Verse Explanation from Bible

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Psalm 45-1

My heart overflows with a good word;
I address my song to the King;
my tongue is a very light scribe’s pen.

Psalm 45-2

You are the most beautiful of the sons of men;
grace has been poured out on your lips;
therefore, God has blessed you forever.

Psalm 45-3

Gird your sword on your thigh, mighty man,
with your glory and your majesty.

Psalm 45-4

And in your majesty be prosperous;
he rides on the word of truth, and of humility and justice;
and your right hand will teach you fearful things.

Psalm 45-5

Your arrows are sharp,
with which peoples will fall under you, they will
penetrate the hearts of the king’s enemies.

Psalm 45-6

Your throne, O God, is eternal and forever;
scepter of justice is the scepter of your kingdom.

Psalm 45-7

You have loved justice and hated wickedness;
therefore, God, your God, has anointed you
with the oil of joy more than your companions.

Psalm 45-8

Myrrh, aloes and cassia breathe out all your clothes;
from ivory palaces they have made you glad.

Psalm 45-9

Daughters of kings are among your bridesmaids;
The queen is at your right hand with the gold of Ophir.

Psalm 45-10

Listen, daughter, and look and incline your ear;
and forget your town and your father’s house,

Psalm 45-11

and the king will desire your beauty.
And bow down to him, because he is your Lord.

Psalm 45-12

And the daughter of Tire will come with gifts;
The wealthy of the people will beg your favor.

Psalm 45-13

All glorious is the king’s daughter in her room;
of gold brocade is her dress.

Psalm 45-14

With embroidered clothes she will be brought to the king;
the virgins, her companions who follow her,
will be brought to you.

Psalm 45-15

They will be carried away with gladness and rejoicing;
they will enter the king’s palace.

Psalm 45-16

Instead of your parents will be your children,
whom you will make princes in all the earth.

Psalm 45-17

I will cause your name to be remembered by all generations,
for which the peoples will praise you forever and ever.

Psalm 45 Meaning

The meaning of Psalm 45 is very interesting, the writer of this Psalm wants to show us what the KING OF KINGS is for him, in this case the word KING is referring to the word of God, and also refers to the qualities of God as: beauty, sword (bravery), its cause ...

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