Psalm 38 Meaning - Verse by Verse Explanation from Bible

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Psalm 38-1

O Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger
or punish me in your anger.

Psalm 38-2

For your arrows have penetrated me,
and your hand has fallen on me.

Psalm 38-3

There is nothing healthy in my flesh because of your indignation,
nor is there peace in my bones because of my sin.

Psalm 38-4

For my iniquities have surpassed my head;
like a heavy load they overwhelm me.

Psalm 38-5

My sores stink and fester
because of my madness.

Psalm 38-6

I am stooped, I am very downcast,
I mourn all day.

Psalm 38-7

For my loins are full of irritable disease,
and there is nothing healthy in my flesh.

Psalm 38-9

I am greatly weakened and bruised;
I moan because of the shock of my heart.

Psalm 38-9

Lord, all my desires are before you,
and my sigh is not hidden from you.

Psalm 38-10

My heart is pounding; the forces leave me,
and even the very light of my eyes is no longer with me.

Psalm 38-11

My loved ones and my companions stay away from my plague,
and my relatives have wandered away.

Psalm 38-12

And those who seek my life set traps for me;
and those who seek my evil speak iniquities
and devise deceptions all day long.

Psalm 38-13

But I, like the deaf, do not hear;
and I am like the mute who does not open his mouth.

Psalm 38-14

So I am like a man who does not hear,
and in whose mouth there are no reproofs.

Psalm 38-15

For in you, O Lord, I hope;
you will answer, Jehovah my God.

Psalm 38-16

For I said, “Lest they rejoice over me,
and when my foot slips, they magnify themselves over me.”

Psalm 38-17

For I am about to fall,
and my pain is before me continually.

Psalm 38-18

Therefore I will declare my iniquity;
I will grieve over my sin.

Psalm 38-19

For my enemies are mighty and strong,
and those who hate me without cause are increased.

Psalm 38-20

Those who pay bad for good
are contrary to me, because I follow what is good.

Psalm 38-21

Do not forsake me, O Lord;
My God, don’t walk away from me.

Psalm 38-22

Make haste to help me,
O Lord, my salvation.

Psalm 38 Meaning

The meaning of Psalm 38 is very interesting, it tells us about the destruction of the soul that sins can cause, how sins can lead us to divert us from the straight path of faith, good manners and the word of the Lord. At the same time, it explains to us how we can escape the temptations of sins.

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