Psalm 35 Meaning - Verse by Verse Explanation from Bible

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Psalm 35-1

Fight, O Lord, with those who fight against me,
fight against those who fight me.

Psalm 35-2

Take hold of shield and buckler,
and stand up to my aid.

Psalm 35-3

And draw the spear, block the way to my pursuers;
say to my soul: I am your salvation.

Psalm 35-4

Let those who seek my life be ashamed and confused;
Let those who try my evil be turned back and put to shame.

Psalm 35-5

Let them be like chaff before the wind,
and the angel of the Lord haunts them.

Psalm 35-6

Let their way be dark and slippery,
and the angel of the Lord pursue them,

Psalm 35-7

For without cause they hid their net for me in a pit,
without cause they dug a pit for my soul.

Psalm 35-8

Ruin come upon him without his knowing it,
and the net that he hid will catch him, let him
fall into it with ruin.

Psalm 35-9

And my soul shall rejoice in the Lord;
He will rejoice in his salvation.

Psalm 35-10

All my bones will say: Jehovah, who is like you,
who delivers the poor from the stronger than he,
yea, the poor and needy from the one who plunges him?

Psalm 35-11

False witnesses arise;
they ask me about what I don’t know.

Psalm 35-12

They repay me evil for good,
to afflict my soul.

Psalm 35-13

But I, when they were sick, I put on sackcloth;
I afflicted my soul with fasting,
and my prayer returned to my chest.

Psalm 35-14

As for my friend or as for my brother I walked
as one who mourns for his mother, I walked with my head down.

Psalm 35-15

But they were glad at my stumbling and were gathered together;
despicable people gathered against me, and I did not know it;
they tore me incessantly;

Psalm 35-16

Like profane scoffers at a feast,
they gnashed their teeth at me.

Psalm 35-17

Oh Lord, how long will you see this?
Rescue my soul from its destruction, my life from the lions.

Psalm 35-18

In the great congregation I will give you thanks;
I will praise you among many people.

Psalm 35-19

Let not those who are my enemies unjustly rejoice,
nor let those who hate me without cause wink,

Psalm 35-20

Because they do not speak peace,
and plot deceptions against the meek of the earth.

Psalm 35-21

And they widened their mouths against me;
They said: Aha, aha, our eyes have seen it!

Psalm 35-22

You have seen it, O Lord; don’t shut up;
oh Lord, don’t be far from me.

Psalm 35-23

Move and wake up to do me justice,
for my cause, my God and my Lord.

Psalm 35-24

Judge me according to your righteousness, O Lord my God,
and do not rejoice over me.

Psalm 35-25

Don’t say in your heart: Aha, we already have it!
Do not say: We have devoured him!

Psalm 35-26

Let them be ashamed and confounded who rejoice at my evil;
They clothe with shame and shame those who magnify themselves against me.

Psalm 35-27

Let those who are for my just cause sing and be glad,
and say always: Let the LORD be exalted,
who delights in the peace of his servant.

Psalm 35-28

And my tongue will speak of your righteousness
and your praise all day long.

Psalm 35 Meaning

The meaning of Psalm 35  is very interesting, it tells us of betrayal and, above all, false testimonies. David is beset by differences in difficult situations for him, and he tells us how he finds a way out of that situation in the word of God. Find in the word of God a series of tips and guides to find the true right path.

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