Psalm 29 Meaning - Verse by Verse Explanation from Bible

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Psalm 29-1

Give unto the Lord, O children of the mighty;
Give glory and power to the Lord.

Psalm 29-2

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to his name;
worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Psalm 29-3

The voice of the Lord over the waters.
The God of glory,
Jehovah, thunders over many waters.

Psalm 29-4

The voice of the Lord mighty;
the voice of Jehovah with majesty.

Psalm 29-5

The voice of the Lord that breaks the cedars;
yea, Jehovah will break down the cedars of Lebanon.

Psalm 29-6

And makes them leap like a calf;
to Lebanon and Sirion, like the calf of wild bulls.

Psalm 29-7

The voice of Jehovah casting flames of fire.

Psalm 29-8

The voice of the Lord that shakes the wilderness;
The Lord makes the desert of Kadesh tremble.

Psalm 29-9

The voice of the Lord that causes the deer to give birth
and leaves the forests bare;
and in his temple all proclaim his glory.

Psalm 29-10

Jehovah reigns in the flood,
and Jehovah sits as king forever.

Psalm 29-11

Jehovah will give strength to his people;
Lord will bless his people with peace.

Psalm 29 Meaning

The meaning of Psalm 29 is very interesting, it tells us a real storm about its effects on the people. He wants us to understand how we would react to a storm of problems in our lives, how we would react to adversity, etc ... It is in these storms that we can find a light.

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