Psalm 26 Meaning - Verse by Verse Explanation from Bible

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Psalm 26-1

Judge me, O Lord,
for I have walked in my integrity;
I have also trusted in the Lord; I will not hesitate.

Psalm 26-2

Test me, O Lord, and examine me;
Search my mind and my heart

Psalm 26-3

For your mercy is before my eyes,
and I have walked in your truth.

Psalm 26-4

I have not sat with false men,
nor will I go with those who pretend.

Psalm 26-5

I hated the gathering of the wicked,
and with the wicked I will never sit.

Psalm 26-6

I will wash my hands in innocence,
and walk around your altar, O Lord,

Psalm 26-7

to cry out with a voice of thanksgiving,
and to tell of all your wonders.

Psalm 26-8

Jehovah, the habitation of your house I have loved,
the dwelling place of your glory.

Psalm 26-9

Do not take my soul to sinners
or my life to bloodthirsty men,

Psalm 26-10

in whose hands is evil,
and his right hand is full of bribes.

Psalm 26-11

But I will walk in my integrity;
redeem me and have mercy on me.

Psalm 26-12

My foot has been upright;
in the congregations I will bless the Lord.

Psalm 26 Meaning

The meaning of Psalm 26 is very interesting, it is a Psalm that deals in its entirety with how we can repel and get away from infamy, it gives us all kinds of instructions so that we have a straight path to follow in faith, away from people who they want to disturb our path.

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