Psalm 121 Meaning - Verse by Verse Explanation from Bible

In what or in whom do you trust to protect you? In the police? In the money? In the family? In the reputation? The truth is that all these things can fail us sooner or later. But in Psalm 121 we see who we can trust.

God is not like the things of this world. He does not need to sleep, he does not make mistakes or has weaknesses. God has all the power! He never fails.

When you look at your situation, when you see what is happening around you, it may seem that the problems are too big. And you may wonder if there is really any security in this world. This Psalm tells us that there is security in God. He is bigger than all the problems and dangers. There is nothing and no one more powerful than God. That is why you can put all your trust in Him, knowing that He can protect you and keep you safe.

God is at your side: the reason for your safety

All Christians face problems. But when you have God by your side, true evil can not reach you. Psalm 121 compares God to a shadow that protects you from the strength of the sun. When God is at your side, He covers you and protects you from the worst attacks.

If you love Jesus you do not need to be afraid. In Him you have your security. God never changes and will never abandon you even in the most difficult situations. This does not mean that you are not going to suffer, but even in the midst of everything you face, Jesus will guard your soul. United with Jesus, they can not destroy you. God is, and will be at all times, your refuge and your security.

Do not be afraid! Trust your life in the hands of God because He cares for you.

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