Full Catholic Prayers: Hail Holy Queen Mother Of Mercy - How To Do It


Jesus Christ is one of the most important characters in the Bible. He is, after all, a son of God and is the protagonist of the most exciting stories in Christianity. He gave his life so that today we could live in peace; it was he who gave his life for our sins; it was he who sacrificed himself to guarantee a future for humanity.

For this reason, it is natural that it stands out among all Christian narratives. However, it is important always to remember that he would not have existed without his mother, Maria. Therefore, we must give the recognition that this very enlightened woman deserves!

For her to gain the prominence she deserves, becoming a saint was not enough. Therefore, the Salve Rainha prayer was created. It is based on honouring and extolling this very important figure and bringing more faith and salvation to all those in need.

Knowing the importance of such a beautiful and special prayer, the Virtual Horoscope created an article that shows you the beautiful words that are recited and explains the history and interpretation of the prayer.

Origin of the Prayer of the Hail Holy Queen Mother

It was in Germany, in 1050, that the Salve Rainha prayer was created. The person responsible for its origin was the German monk Contract. However, to understand why he decided to elaborate this prayer, it is necessary to understand the context of the time.

At that time, Europe was going through a time of great difficulty. In addition to the occurrence of different natural disasters and very serious diseases, the population still had to deal with another problem: the barbarians, who had been invading and bringing death and even more suffering for people.

In this scenario, it was to be expected that Contract would lose all his hopes, right? And he almost did. However, in a moment of great despair, he finally found the faith he needed in the image of Mary and, thus, created the prayer that all Christians would know to the present day: Save Mary.

For this reason, it is believed that the so famous Salve Maria prayer is capable of bringing hope to all those who suffer: it arose in this very context and thus saved the monk’s soul.

Prayer of the Hail Holy Queen Mother

“Hail, Queen, Mother of mercy, life, sweetness and our hope, save! We cry out to you, the exiled children of Eve; we sigh to you, groaning and weeping in this valley of tears. Here, our lawyer, your merciful eyes returned to us, and after this banishment, show us Jesus, the blessed fruit of your womb, merciful, merciful, sweet always Virgin Mary.

Pray for us, holy Mother of God.

So that we are worthy of Christ’s promises.”

It is important to remember that, although this prayer is widely recited by religious people in their daily lives and is also present in several prayers made in the church itself, it also comes in the form of a song. It is very common, therefore, that we find different melodies that accompany these beautiful words.

Best of all, no matter how you choose to pray, the Salve Rainha prayer always touches our hearts and brings us the feeling of peace, lightness and hope that we are looking for!

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Prayer of the Hail Holy Queen Mother explained.

The Salve Rainha prayer is very suitable and used by all people who are going through difficult times. This is because it promises to bring hope and solutions, even if they are in the little things of our day today.

However, because it is so popular and so recited, it is common that people end up forgetting its symbolism and even its message. The words become memorized, and all of their magic and power end up in our minds. To avoid this type of event, we will analyze this beautiful prayer, section by section.

The first part, “Hail, Queen, Mother of mercy, life, sweetness and our hope, save!” salutes this saint so important to Christianity. At the same time, it recognizes the illumination of that figure.

In We cry out to you, the exiled children of Eve; we sigh to you, groaning and weeping in this valley of tears”, a plea is made, demonstrating the state of the desolation of the person who is praying.

In “Eia, for our lawyer, your merciful eyes returned to us;”, the individual who prays asks Mary to look after him and him in a kind and pious way. He continues at this pace in “and after this exile show us Jesus, the blessed fruit of your womb”, saying that in addition to being sad and lonely, he feels very isolated on Earth, far from all deities.

To conclude, in “O clement, O pious, O sweet always Virgin Mary”, the speaker claims all the good qualities of Mary. In the last section, “Pray for us, holy Mother of God, That we may be worthy of Christ’s promises.”, the saint is asked to speak to Jesus, her son, so that the speaker has his prayer answered and, thus, salvation and eternal glory.

Did you see how beautiful and powerful the Salve Rainha prayer is? It is not for nothing that people believe they will have their lives changed by reciting it.

We hope this article has helped you find what you were looking for, making you feel the touch of this saint in your heart!

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