To thank God for the life and opportunity we have for a future ahead of us, we must begin the day with a feeling of gratitude and asking Him for protection for the 24 hours we will face that day through the morning prayer. Know the most powerful morning prayers:


“In the morning you will hear my voice, O Lord

Heavenly Father, I come to thank you for this new day.

Thank you for the night you spent, for the restful, restful sleep.

This morning I want to praise Your name and ask you every minute to remind me that my life is very precious and that today You gave me so that I may be fulfilled and happy.

Fill me with Your love and Your wisdom.

Bless my home and my work.

That this morning I have good thoughts, speak good words,

be successful in my actions and learn to do your will.

I deliver this morning to your hands.

I know I’ll be fine.

Thank you sir.



“An agreement full of joy and gratitude to the Infinite Force for the life, love, prosperity, and peace that are increasingly manifesting in my existence.

The old limiting decisions and beliefs become conscious and gradually fade, making room for the creative and fulfilling force that rises like the sun, bringing wealth, prosperity, and inner peace.

I am clearly aware that I can achieve everything I want and direct it for the good of all. I take responsibility, power and freedom for my thoughts, words and deeds. I can and allow myself to be healthy, prosperous and happy. Amen.” 


Lord Jesus, divine worker and friend of workers,
I consecrate to you this day of work.
Look at the company and everyone who works with me.

I present my hands to you, asking for skill and talent,
and I also ask you to bless my mind,
giving me wisdom and intelligence,
to do everything that is entrusted to me
and to solve problems in the best way.
Lord bless all the equipment I use
and also all the people I talk to.

Deliver me from dishonest, lying,
envious, and evil-doers.
Send your holy angels to help and protect me,
for I will strive to do my best,
and at the end of this day I want to thank you.

The moment we open our eyes in the morning, we have the first feeling of being alive that day. In the rush of everyday life, in waking up scared by the alarm clock and having to rush to get ready and go to work, we forget to say thank you for being alive.

If someone asks us, “Would you like to die today?” Most people would vehemently say no. So why do we forget to thank every day for the gift of life? Have you ever stopped to think about it? That is why we propose that every day when you wake up you have to do the morning prayer every day, to start the day well, gratefully, calmly, with the divine protection we so much want. This can also be understood as the prayer of the day, as it is the most important prayer to say at the very beginning of any day.

In addition to the morning prayer, you can also use the Ho’oponopono forgiveness technique . This technique helps us fill our hearts with love and gratitude when it comes to forgiving someone or something, facilitating true forgiveness. It is performed with the pronunciation of four powerful words that change our mind and vibration: “I’m sorry. Forgive me. I love you. I am grateful. ” This technique is very effective in treating a past that holds us back and suffocates us.

Through the Morning Prayer and also the Hoponopono Technique, work forgiveness and gratitude within yourself. Always thank for everything. Thank you for being alive. Go to sleep thanking for the day you lived and the night of dreams you will have. And wake up every day thanking the gift of life and asking for protection for the day ahead.

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