Find Out Which Is Your Spiritual Animal According To Your Personality

Find Out Which Is Your Spiritual Animal According To Your Personality

In my work as a Feng Shui Consultant, my main concern is to improve and harmonize the energy of the environment, residence and company. But, more and more I need to work, rescue and stimulate the client’s self-esteem to make him succeed at work and / or in his personal life.

These personal guidelines led me to work with Spiritual Coaching. When I attend my Coaching clients, we seek together to determine goals for their success and dream fulfillment.

Many times for this to happen, I have to anchor the energy that the client needs in a symbol or in a Spiritual animal. With the client, we first identify which energy he misses or the situation that gets in the way. Then we identify what energy and attitude he works to overcome the problem or that he needs to have to reach his goals. Finally, it determines which Power Animal has the characteristics of the energy it needs to have on a daily basis to achieve its goals.

The image of the Spiritual Animal must be placed in a place that the person always sees to remember the intention that is anchored there, to awaken this energy in the person’s daily life. It can be a statue on the desk or in the bedroom. A picture in the room. Computer screen image.

If a person complains that this stop, without motivation in his personal life, he can put on his desk a Dragon that symbolizes Spiritual and vigor to motivate him every day. Anyone who has no vision of what to do can put a flying eagle in their room to symbolize seeing opportunities.

See below a list of some Spiritual Animals and their Energy:

Spiritual Animal Eagle:

It symbolizes freedom, flexibility in life, Spiritual to decide, broad vision, courage to change and pursue opportunities. It represents movement and agility.

Spiritual Animal Moose:

Animal that represents nobility, dignity, high self-confidence, moral and physical strength and energy for work. It symbolizes determination and strong self-esteem.

Spiritual Animal Dog:

It symbolizes loyal friend or loyalty, people we can trust or a confidant. Dog works our attention and asks for and vigilance. It symbolizes fidelity.

Spiritual Animal Horse:

The leader. The one who was born to command without fear. It represents play of waist, agility and flexibility. Speed ​​and freedom. Symbolizes agility.

Spiritual Animal Snake:

Represents cunning, wisdom and cleverness in personal and professional life. Awakening from sensuality and sexuality. Be quick in decisions.

Spiritual Animal Rabbit:

Symbol of fertility and pregnancy. It represents growth, agility and prosperity. It symbolizes multiplication of opportunities.

Spiritual Animal Owl:

Symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. And a game bird. He sees in the dark. See beyond the ordinary. Sharp vision.

Spiritual Animal Hawk:

It symbolizes seeing opportunities, high flights and freedom. Broad and holistic view. Sharp attention and born hunter. Wide view of opportunities.

Spiritual Animal Leo:

Represents power, strength, claw, cunning, nobility and leadership. He knows how to dominate and fight for his territory and achievements. Symbolizes determination and determination of goals.

Spiritual Animal Wolf:

Symbolizes cunning animal and a smart hunter. It passes malice. Wolf has agility and fight for its territory. It represents creativity and cunning.

Spiritual Animal Panther:

Represents beauty, seduction and sensuality. It passes on energy of sexuality, a sly and painful animal. Strength and flexibility. He has the will and fight for what he wants.

Spiritual Animal Fox:

Touchy animal. Don’t give up on your hunt, goals and targets. Very skilled, astute and persevering. Be silent.

Spiritual Animal Turtle:

Symbolizes patience, stability, calm and longevity. He has character and is very stable in his decisions. Hard in the fall.

Spiritual Animal Tiger:

Born hunter, who uses agility and surprise to shoot down his fighters or achieve his goals. Strengths: power, strength, nobility and leadership.

Spiritual Animal Taurus:

Animal that represents hard work, without fear and without end. It also represents fertility, sexuality and aggressive sensuality. Strength, power and stubbornness.

Spiritual Animal Bear:

Symbolizes strength, courage, determination and stubbornness even exaggerated at times. I work tirelessly and are not afraid of danger.

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