Pisces Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

Pisces Temperament And Characteristics - 2023

This is the last of the zodiac signs. Pisces usually understand everyone and everyone except themselves. All his life he can search for his own “I”, moving to the touch and stumbling, not knowing how to perceive this “I”.

Pisces is led and controlled by the hidden side of life. They are difficult to connect with anything, in each moment their own truth, they are like a leaking gas. Fishes are born tired, they have no energy to remove obstacles, for daily efforts to overcome petty worries. Their life is like a house without window panes; any wind blows through this house.

Any pain, heat, cold - everything affects them and immediately affects, making the poor inhabitant of this house even more poor and tired. Others, on the contrary, have a nervous energetic nature that can keep them awake for days, weeks, during which most of them exhaust themselves, starting many unfinished business, projects, plans, putting them off for tomorrow, etc. Enthusiastic, strong type of Pisces, controlling themselves, but with more convictions, persuasions, than force.

Pisces are citizens of the Universe who do not belong to themselves; they are nowhere and everywhere.

They rarely feel welcome, they need to be told at least twice that you want to see them or treat them before they think that you really really want to see them.

Pisces are interested in everything and everyone, but very specifically, for them there is nothing really worthwhile, but there is no potentially more internally rich person than developed Pisces. But these are rare, since concentration, effort, willpower are needed to work on oneself. The fish are somewhere halfway between zero and infinity. They fluctuate between bad and. majestic, between the monastery and the prison, from innocent compromise to masochistic annihilation, from compassion to human misfortune to floundering in self-pity.

Pisces are victims of themselves and others. Pisces are sinless children who can remain calm in the face of real danger and panic from the bullshit.

Perhaps these are the most loyal and affectionate people of all the signs of the zodiac. You want to take them with you, soften their pain, help them find themselves, take their hands, get them out of the fog, but they rarely allow you to do this. They cling to their misery, which is mistaken for reality. Usually their “reality” conquers and drags despair who helps the desert land. That is why there are many fatal women among Pisces. Mysticism and imagination prevail in their choice of clothes, they care little about the requirements of fashion, and may even be careless in clothes.

It is easier for a woman to be Pisces than a man, because society considers a languid dreamy, indecisive woman to be charming and does not approve of these features in a man.

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