Pisces Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

Pisces Love, Sexuality and Marriage Horoscope - 2023

As many variations as there are Pisces in the sea. A man in the range from Don Juan, eager to give himself to all women (a shark in the ocean of love) - to a silently suffering victim of love.

Women from a romantic, mystical, fatal woman, to a soft faithful, although not very submissive wife, belonging to a single man, completely and forever, who seems too good to believe in it.

There is also a “deity” who adores her at a distance and does not reveal her feelings to anyone, especially the object of passion. Love takes pride of place, they can love at the highest exalted level, or not love at all - reduce love to a lower level - it can be heaven or hell.

There is no more complex heart than the heart of Pisces - it is wide, mysterious, incomprehensible like the sea. It is inhabited by diverse impulses. Love comes to Pisces secretly and grows imperceptibly. They themselves rarely know where it began and where it ended. Apparent indifference is explained by inner stiffness or fear of binding oneself for a long time. For a long time they can maintain a platonic relationship and experience their passion alone, without an obvious need for reciprocity, although some are easily amenable to passion, their sensuality is strong and contagious.

They are not conquerors, but prefer to be chosen, but it should be clear that you prefer them, and no one else. They do not fight with an opponent, they’d better go astray, wish you happiness with another person. They prefer to make a difficult sacrifice than to arrange a scene of jealousy. The main difficulty is that he does not know how to start, to establish relations with a person, but also does not know how to break them off.

Hesitate - leave, leave or return. Silent gloominess, many fall in love with flawed people, moral and physical cripples, whom they try to save with their love, since for many Pisces love means help, they should feel welcome, understanding, be happy without a doubt. If so, then there is no more devoted, complaisant, forgiving partner.

Lesson for Pisces: learning not to sacrifice a tit in your hands for the sake of a crane in the sky.

Pisces are happy with Virgo, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn, understand without the words of Scorpio. They should avoid Libra and Gemini.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope for Pisces Women

By nature, she is extremely erotic and unrestrainedly striving for sensual pleasure. But, oddly enough, he is cold and impregnable with men. It seems to her that her lust is a weakness that a man sees, and she does not want to admit to any of her weaknesses. She spends a lot of effort to look strong and independent. But she is easily excitable, passion captures her and she tries to hide it, which sometimes leads her to rudeness. After intimacy, she tries not to meet her partner anymore, and if this is impossible, she becomes capricious and irritable with him. But if she comes across a tactful and patient man who is able, without thinking about herself, to take care of the complete satisfaction of her desires, she receives considerable pleasure from her proximity. It’s worth noting that there are not many men.

Love Horoscope for Pisces Men

Behind him stretches a long train of offended and abandoned women. But this does not cause him to feel compassion, since he is not very predisposed to him. He is distinguished by selfishness, spiced with a fair amount of snobbery and self-confidence. Women are more experienced in avoiding him. But for young girls, he is able to turn his head, but throws them as soon as they get bored with him. Although he is erotic, in bed he cares only about his own satisfaction, he sometimes behaves offensively and cynically. Only partners inclined to masochism receive real pleasure from contacts with him. All his sex life is subordinated to taking care of his own health. Marriage is seen as an attempt on personal freedom. He was not created for marriage, because he seeks to suppress everyone around him. His wife is a miserable, clogged creature. But there are exceptions,

Ideal for you: Taurus, Scorpio.
More or less suitable for you: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Leo.
Absolutely not suitable for you: Libra, Capricorn.

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