Numerology: Number Meanings and Their Interpretations

Numerology: Number Meanings and Their Interpretations

The numbers in our lives are significant and influential to what’s happening around us that we often forget. Some people believe there is a conceptual relationship between Numerology and the Universe, so it shouldn’t be surprising Pythagoras studied this system of beliefs alongside other mathematicians from across periods.

Numerology has many different meanings depending on who you ask. You’ll find that the general symbolism of numbers is broad and can be applied to your own animal spirit guide studies if they choose. Still, there are also various cultures or eras in which Numerology was practiced with much more nuanced interpretations than what we share here.

Numerology plays a role in various metaphysical practices, including Astrology, Feng Shui, and the Tarot. These approaches to divination use animals as symbols for their meaning or application; some cultures see dreaming about an animal before it arrives means something significant will happen related to that type of creature. The same goes for meditation upon seeing wild creatures on your path when you’re out walking: any groupings are meaningful if they correspond with what’s happening inside yourself at that moment because those moments present themselves without our conscious interference so we can learn from them more easily than other types of signs.

Numerology plays a key role in many forms of divination, such as astrology, feng shui, and tar. The numbers most frequently discussed in Numerology are 1 through 9, 11, and 22. In Numerology, elevens and twelves are considered master numbers that operate at a high vibrational level for lightworkers during spiritual or personal growth surges.

Numerology 1

Number 1 is a number that vibrates with manifestation and transformation. It is responsible for bringing dreams into our grasp by being the building block of other numbers and embodying all beginnings in Numerology meanings.

One is not complex. It draws a firm line between right and wrong, good and evil with pure pragmatism. Justice-driven individuals pursue it without regard for pretense or intellectual laziness. One seeks clear truth in all circumstances; such an earnest pursuit leaves no room for ambiguity or deception.

Your spirit animal is a source of guidance and inspiration. When you encounter an animal that strikes your interest or curiosity, it might be worth looking at the meaning behind its symbolism to understand yourself concerning the world around you better.

When expanding Number 1 symbolism into animals on Earth, many people associate themselves with singular creatures as their Spirit Animal. If this creature also happens to be one from which we find fascination or intrigue, then perhaps there are lessons for us about ourselves through understanding what message they had meant by showing up in our life when looked at simplistically- like number ones do.

For example, a Wolf is known as the loyal pathfinder who will tell you that you’re going in too many directions - narrow your goal to 1 heartfelt thing. Rabbit speaks of alertness and can be a signifier for moving out of harm’s way swiftly. Watch where the rabbit runs so we might get more insights into our situation. Hummingbird represents sweetness which means it’s time to stop and smell those flowers!

Numerology 2

In Numerology, the Number 2 symbolizes partnership and peace. This Number has great strength because it is flexible enough to forgive without losing self-respect or power. The true beauty of this Number lies in its gentleness and humility; where 1 was all about masculine power, she stands by his side as an ally who counsels him with her voice of reason when he needs guidance along the way.

Number Two is the quiet, observant type. They make their voice heard only when needed and then with soft persuasion that gets people moving in a positive direction. Number Twos don’t need to take credit for themselves as long as they see results - good or bad – go well!

Number 2 is a master at social settings. They love the arts, particularly music, and can talk to nearly anyone about anything. There’s keen humor here and sometimes quite the temper (thus with the symbolism of balance). Number 2 has an intense capacity for devotion and loyalty - when in the company of someone who supports their sense of self, a loving environment grows. It’s through intuition that they guide others.

Hera’s sacred animals include the Hawk, Crow, Cuckoo, and Cow. Seeing two peacocks in your dream may herald a time of expanding your wings with a partner or renewing self-confidence. It might also portend an upcoming family addition!

Number 2 is a master at social settings. They love the arts, particularly music, and can talk to nearly anyone about anything. There’s keen humor here - often quite funny, sometimes with an intense temper (thus their symbolism of balance). Number 2 has this incredible capacity for devotion when in the company of someone who supports their sense of self.

One of the more interesting things about humans is that we walk on two legs, which means our forelimbs are attached to the same side. This article will be discussing an animal called a “deer.” Like most animals, deer have four limbs, but they do not use all their legs for walking as people would.

Numerology 3

The Number 3 is the child of 1 and 2. It represents creativity, energy, and charisma - all things make for a great date or match in Numerology meanings! Three’s personality is often optimistic, and they enjoy the limelight. However, 3 would prefer not to face these challenges head-on when it comes to challenging problems head-on, which may make them fade into gray clouds or even go back in time with their past self for guidance.

Three’s a lucky number that has its drumbeat. It ends up where it needs to be when you need it there-even though relationships can prove difficult sometimes as kids inside of us might not like responsibility and deep subjects. So rather than taking on something too vulnerable, this Number would prefer to get acquainted with someone first to build themselves from the insecure core outwards slowly, but make sure the other person is willing because three will have little patience for games or people who are afraid of commitment!

With motivation, 3 can slowly start attending to life’s deeper questions and finding serenity. Play will always be a part of the 3’s life and an understanding that feeding their inner child is important for longer-lasting happiness.

You might want to think about the meaning of three in more than one way. A Number is a magic number, and it can be found throughout nature, with animals such as Cats having three eyelids or Camels who have triple-lid eyes! If you happen across any Crows, beware: seeing them could portend major change (buckle up)! Seeing Deer may also act as a warning that we should pay attention to all our senses – body, mind, and spirit alike, watching out for things like Three Blind Mice?

Some cultures believe that having three legs is lucky. In Feng Shui, for example, a 3-legged toad can bring prosperity and luck with it wherever they go.

Numerology 4

Number Four’s strength and reliability make him an excellent candidate for building a strong foundation. He is reliable, disciplined, patient with the power of tradition - which means he can be counted on to work hard to reach goals even when others may not believe it possible due to his quiet nature.

Number Four is a strong and healthy individual who believes in the power of his mind. His calculating abilities allow him to stay grounded when he sometimes feels out-of-place but at home anywhere else while being detail-oriented with an eidetic memory.

Dogs can represent different things in our psyche. If you dream of dogs, it might be time to look at what has been overlooked within yourself and focus on the fundamentals needed for a stronger psychology foundation.

The four animals of the Chinese creation myth are a White Tiger in the west, A Vermillion bird in southern China, and an azure Dragon in the eastern and north regions. Believe it or not, there are real-life creatures that correspond to these mythical beasts, such as Turtles for black Turtle, also found throughout Asia’s waters. Without even mentioning Birds (the symbol of peace) who have their meaning with each feather representing something like hope/freedom etc., Dragons can be seen among other places at Disney World on top of Cinderella’s castle. At the same time, Tigers live all over Africa, including Kenya, where they get hunted by poachers too often!

I once walked in on my sister watching a documentary about the Chinese Zodiac. She said that Lizards are “Dragons,” and Snakes were related to Dragons because they can sometimes breathe fire! If you ever get so lucky, keep an eye out for their symbolism when encountering them as well, if not more than your zodiac sign’s animal!”

Numerology 5

Numerology meanings for the number 5 are all about transformation, dynamic energy, and adventure. Five is a gender-neutral power symbol that loves to move around and discover new things.

When in a relationship, Number 5 becomes firmer. Here they will not stray or mislead, with only outside of that setting and their many partners do they feel the need to explore what’s different about them all over again; finding new friends and lovers every day until finally settling down on one thing at 30-40 years old when maturity catches up.

Number 5 is the most interesting of all Numerology. This creature has charm, charisma, and a whole lot of tolerance. Number 5’s unorthodox nature offers far more interest than conformity alone could ever offer. That’s why souls who think out-of-the-box love number five - feel welcome in that circle!

The Starfish is a symbol of patience, magic, and resourcefulness. It also represents the five senses with which we can interact with nature. When you dream of five animals, it typically points to some new and daring thing. Depending on the animal, this can be anything from a message for taking flight in life or getting back control over your senses.

Numerology 6

Number Six brings with it the energy of love, caring, and nurturing. With a strong maternal edge which includes supporting, giving, and protecting others unconditionally, Number 6 is often found in leadership positions where they are committed to helping communities around them become healthier by providing constant support for those who need help.

Number 6’s personality is that it internalizes responsibility so deeply. They are about doing what they think is right no matter what, and this idealism sometimes leads them to carry the burdens of those who can’t help themselves, all without expecting praise in return. This tendency means that Number Six may be taken advantage of, which hurts but even with everything against her or him, she remains true to their spirit - acting gracefully and honorably when others would give up.

Six is a symbol of responsibility, caring, and love. In nature, it pertains to creatures who mate for life, such as wolves, swans, red-tail hawks, and angler fish. From the perspective of omens and signs, seeing six together definitely speaks to your relationships with others; are they harmonious or hostile towards each other?

Meditating on animals might be a way to explore your maternal instincts and learn how you are either overbearing or under-giving. Perhaps the reason for these animal dreams is an imbalance between giving too much or not enough attention to those in my inner circle?

Numerology 7

The number 7 is symbolic of seeking and comprehension. The search for truth drives the Number forward, taking illusions off like curtains to reveal another reality that’s deeper and more meaningful than what had been visible before.

Number 7 is a reflective, insightful thinker. Number Seven has a different view of the world because they are always exploring and discovering new things that force them to think outside of what everyone else says about life or see past their circumstances. This makes them drawn toward magic with its mysteries and symbols based mostly on personal experiences, rather than more grounded tasks like math or science where true answers can be found for sure.

In Thailand, the number 7 is associated with a story of how the Pleiades formed. The myth states that when you see stars in this cluster, it means good fortune will come your way soon. In other cultures like Greece and Egypt, where they view 7 as being lucky too, seeing specific creatures in clusters can mean positive change on the horizon- for example, there are bees (signifies hard work), goldfish (good luck), or ladybug animals which bring joy to those around them).

In Thailand, the number 7 is associated with a story from mythology about how the Pleiades formed. The myth tells of seven baby chicks who jumped into the fire to save their mother, and in return, were transformed into stars that shine over children born when the moon is in the Pleiades for good luck. Greeks believed there was mysticism behind numbers as well; if you saw specific animals together, such as bees or ladybugs, it often meant lucky changes on the horizon - some common Spirit Animals are Goldfish, Horses, and Spiders!

Numerology 8

The Number 8 is a symbol of power and prosperity, but it also carries the need to find balance in our life between love and money. When Karma comes calling for either boon or bane, visions come alive about what may be expected on your path from this point forward. In both materialities and spirituality, there are useful tools that can help you advance towards personal goals more easily when utilizing these numbers!

Number Eight stands for determination, order, and productivity. Sensitives find this Number related to success in careers and relationships where there is honesty, forgiveness, and deep love between two partners.

Some of the most interesting and symbolic animals associated with the number 8 are spiders with eight legs, some octopuses that also have eight limbs. Some moths like the Eight Spotted Moth can be seen as a symbol of prosperity when they fly around during daylight hours.

The animals in your dreams speak volumes about what you’re trying to achieve. Deer, Fish, and Eagle are all symbols of prosperity - but the buffalo is a mixture between good luck and caution while frogs bring fortune!

The Number 8 is a powerful symbol for ‘mind over matter. If you are going through tough times, pay close attention to signs from your Spirit, Totem, and Power Animals because it could be time to believe in yourself - that you have the mental capacity and strength to get past this challenge.

Numerology 9

The number 9 is the last in a series of numbers representing sophistication and global thinking; this Number symbolizes compassion for all living things. The compassionate nature of Number Nine knows few bounds as they are always looking to help those who need it most.

Number 9 is a number that can represent patience, harmony, inspiration, and immortality. It has deep connections to the Greeks and Romans who held it sacred and the Aztecs in their beliefs related to terrestrial animals—particularly nocturnal ones.

Number 9 symbolism and meaning are found all over the world, not just in China. The Zodiac has two symbols representing Number 9: Aries (the Ram), which represents passion and bravery, and Scorpio (the Scorpion), who also shares these traits. Both are highly determined creatures filled with creativity to create new ideas for themselves - good luck, prosperity, or auspicious occasions might result from their determination!

One of the most powerful messages that you can receive from your Spirit Animal is a call to humanitarian action. This message could show up as anyone (or more) nine animals, such as an Owl or Spider. The Universe has laws governing everything, and our animal totem calls upon us to recognize them for new beginnings to take place!

The number 9 is a sign that you’re spreading yourself too thin. Remember, when we run dry of life’s most precious resource – water - there will be no more to share with those who need it the most. Take deep breaths and trust in yourself enough for this moment because you are doing enough!

Numerology 11& 22

Numerology meanings for Master Numbers 11 and 22 are spiritual enlightenment and ascension, respectively. With a higher number of people in groupings, these numbers represent the animal spirit guides present. This could mean encountering them at zoos or wildlife preserves, and through social media videos or posts, you might see on your feed without dismissing their message as they will have meaning to impart even if it is not what we want to hear sometimes!

Eleven and Twenty-Two are considered the Master Numbers, which is why they should be treated as such. These numbers cannot have their digits reduced to singular values because of how potent and transformative they can become in one’s life.

Number 11 is a master of holding many secrets and mysteries. These souls are the old ones who hold Earth’s history in sacredness, like tortoises that can live up to 150 years or more, as well as various whale species that have been around for over 50 million years. They balance their mental prowess with physical strength while remaining grounded by supernatural forces such as water spirits from the mother ocean. They often answer prayers on behalf of those near them and sometimes take requests all across the world.

Master Number 22 is the Number of Building. It’s feminine and intuitive, manifesting with energetic power from the Universe. The Scarab beetle, Crow, and Orangutan are all associated with manifestation powers due to their connection to building new structures that last for years or centuries in time.

Numerology symbolisms summary

As you can see, there are many ways in which numbers give us greater insights into messages from our animal spirit guides. From the world of dreams and meditation to the wonders outside your window, consider Numerology one more spiritual awakening dimension. It is a way for you to connect with your Spirit, Totem, or Power Animal through understanding what their Number means on an individual level—whether it be positive traits about themselves that they want you to know about them or something else entirely!

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