Nieves Herrero

Nieves Herrero Cerezo is a Spanish journalist and television presenter, born in Madrid on March 23, 1957. This native of Aries studied journalism and law and after doing some work in the press, she began to collaborate as an editor in the program “In the morning” on TVE.

Energetic and persevering, Nieves continued working on the program “A mi vida” and at the end of the 90’s she decided to divide her time between television and radio: on TVE she presented “Hoy espossible” and on RNE she hosted the program “Lo que es life”. In turn, Antena 3 hired her to direct and present her own daily magazine, “De tú a tú” and to host “Cita con la vida.”

Combining so many diverse activities is to be expected in someone born under the sign of Aries, for whom the routine of having a single job is not what motivates and interests them the most.

Among her various tasks, Nieves Herrero is dedicated to teaching and is a professor at the Faculty of Communication and Humanities of the European University of Madrid. The journalist has received important recognitions, including an Antena de Oro Award, an Ondas Award, and 3 TP de Oro as best presenter.

Entrepreneurial and hard-working as a good native of Aries, Nieves has written several novels, including “Esa luna rota”, “Everything was nothing”, “Indian heart”, “What their eyes hide” and the essay “Leonor”.

Equipped with a sensual and delicate voice, Nieves also has a great love for martial arts: she has been practicing karate and taekwondo for several years. And the Fire element in her sign induces her to always be active and “on guard.” She knows how to organize her schedule very well and take care of all the activities that she enjoys the most.


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