Tarology: Learn The Lies And Myths About The Tarot

Tarology: Learn The Lies And Myths About The Tarot

Consulting your future or luck in the tarot deck with an expert can be a source of great prejudice. This is because there are many myths and mistaken situations regarding tarology. The tendency of everything that is not profoundly known generates common sense and ends up becoming an irrefutable truth.

However, to show that the tarology can be pretty different from what you imagine, we have separated the central myths that involve this art. Check it out below.

Some cards are incredibly negative and threatening

Some arcana presented in the letters are entitled “The Death,” “The Hung,” “The Devil,” and this ends up showing people uninformed extremist and literal situations. However, all letters can have good or bad interpretations, depending on what you want to discover with the consultation, the order in which they are presented, and especially the situation in which the consultant’s life is. Nothing is literal, so the need for someone who knows how to interpret the arcana.

Suits can be good and bad

Like the arcana, the suits need to be interpreted in their entirety to show their real meaning. There are no good and bad suits, only suits with different energies and that show urgency or calm in a given situation. To say whether it is good or bad requires interpretation of the situation itself. They are associated with the four elements of Western esotericism (air, water, earth, and fire) and have peculiarities.

The consultation must be in person

Many people reject the reading of letters done on the internet, for example. The alleged fact is that with the physical presence in the same place of the tarologist and the consultant, the energy would not flow effectively, but this is a myth. Suppose the professional is serious and knows how to conduct the consultation. In that case, it can be done by internet, video conference, or any other means that allows the connection between the two sides.

A new consultation can generate a better result

The consultation is done to show you the reality, not what you want. Unexpected, sad, or difficult results tend to make the consultant not believe what was offered and wish to contest, asking for a new consultation. Accepting and interpreting what has been shown can be extremely helpful in getting you out of unwanted situations.

Can I play cards for someone else?

No. The consultant should seek answers only for himself. It is not something you can do for a friend. It is your energies and your doubts that are in question.

Fear and care are natural and expected

No. The tarot is a way of indicating situations, solutions, and answers that you are looking for, but it does not mean that an indication of something negative makes it happen. The tarot is not a threat, quite the opposite! It is a way for you to know how to act and follow the best path.

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