Jealous Zodiac Signs And Its Astrological Meaning - Interview

Jealous Zodiac Signs And Its Astrological Meaning - Interview

Jealous signs? Have you heard? How does this work in practice? We talked to the astrologer who explained this relationship better. Check out the interview:

Could you tell us about this relationship between signs and jealousy? Why are some signs considered jealous?


 Being jealous or not has much to do with each person’s temperament and the way we deal with our affective relationships. By understanding the nature of each sign, we realize that some are more attached, insecure or possessive. This is directly related to jealousy.

My Today’s Horoscope: Taurus, for example, is reputed to be jealous. But there are many bull people who are not jealous. What explains that? The influence of the ascending sign?


 Yes, the typical Taurus is one of the most jealous of the zodiac, because he wants to be sure of the love of the other and has feelings of possession in his affective relationships. Not all natives of a sign are typical. A Taurus with ascendant in Aquarius can be detached, like his partner having many friends, respecting the freedom of the other, for example.

My Today’s Horoscope: For those who like astrology and know that their sign is reputed to be jealous and that person also feels jealous (a), what tip would you give so that jealousy does not disturb your relationships?


 The tip is to understand what triggers your jealousy. What makes you insecure? Is there a real reason or is it all imaginary? Knowing your birth chart can help you understand how you deal with affective issues and how you can strengthen your security. If jealousy is in a very intense degree, it is recommended to seek help from a therapist.

My Today’s Horoscope Could you quote here, more generally, how each sign deals with jealousy?



Impulsive and passionate, you can’t stand the idea of ​​betrayal. It explodes, screams, screams, makes a fuss. It may seem like the end of the world. But the Aryan quickly overcomes the end of an affective relationship, because with his passionate nature, he will soon find someone interesting.


Security is everything for you. It would be great if love relationships were predictable, but they are not. Taureans tend to unconsciously feel that their loved one “is theirs”, and are afraid of losing them to someone else. In those moments remember how special you are. Strengthen your self-esteem and jealousy will decrease.


You are not the most jealous, as you turn your attention to a thousand and one things and people at the same time. You can’t be like that and watch your loved one. It is more frequent that the other is jealous of you, because it is difficult to be sure about what the Gemini feels and wants. If you feel jealous, the best strategy is to talk about it, using reason instead of emotion.


Your sign is one of the most affectionate and attached. It is not uncommon for you to suffer from the possibility of betrayal, because you cannot imagine yourself without your love. Beware of the tendency to depend emotionally on others and always be available. Invest in your personal interests and let your partner miss you from time to time.


You love to show your love around. Likes to have exclusive attention from the partner. But being betrayed or dismissed is a big blow to you. Try to distinguish between jealousy and hurt pride. For example, you know that you would not like to be with that ex who left you. So why suffer every time you meet him?


When the jealousy bug attacks, it’s because Virgo self-demand is at work. Deep down, do you think the other “is too much sand for your truck?” As you are an expert in details, anything can become a sign of an alleged involvement with another person. Be more generous with yourself and realize how attractive you are.


Relationships are very important to you. You often feel that you are more dedicated to the relationship than the other. If you paint jealousy, you try not to get off your heels and discuss the subject with elegance. You can even put yourself in the place of the partner, trying to understand what was missing in your relationship that may have caused the betrayal. If reconciliation is possible, why not?


Its sign is famous for jealousy, because it is very controlling and suspicious. When he feels betrayed, he hardly ever forgives or continues the relationship. Instead of freaking out with suspicion, look at the situation without emotional bias. Does the other give you reason to be jealous? Or is it the relationship that needs to be transformed? Excessive distrust can sabotage your relationship.


You are independent and love to have fun. It tends to be more the object of jealousy than the jealousy of the relationship. But when he feels betrayed, his dramatic side comes into play. You magnify the situation and you can be embarrassed in public. Insist that the other tell the truth, even if it is not very pleasant. Hold the wave of exaggeration so you don’t regret it later.


You don’t rush into a relationship hastily. You invest time in it and hope to be able to trust the other. When you feel jealous, the structure of the relationship is shaken. It makes you think about breaking commitment, something you hate. Instead of closing time and giving up on projects together, try to talk and listen to your partner.


Who likes, takes care. You can act in such a relaxed way that the other person thinks you don’t care about him. Or you may be jealous, but don’t have the courage to admit it. You value your freedom so much and the image of someone liberal and democratic that you can disguise it to the point of your partner or not even realizing your jealousy.


You love romance and have quite an imagination. He tends to fantasize, to imagine situations that are not real. Talk to a trusted friend and see if you have reason to be jealous. Face your insecurities. Don’t be silent, talk to your partner about your feelings. Be careful not to put yourself in the role of victim without reason.

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